What Is Secondary Liver Cancer?

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I already commented. I do not know what it means to write a website.
I had an ulcer and most of my stomach was removed.
I had 10 chemo treatments . 4 before and  6 after surgery.
A year later my cancer is back and my oncologist told me to join hospice.
What am I to expect and how soon?!!
Hello, the disease is not terrible, the terrible thing is to lose the power to overcome the disease. I think that's one of the meanings of posting. At present, you need to actively cooperate with doctors to improve your quality of life. For example, for indigestion: Avoid foods that increase acid production (such as orange juice, tomato sauce, spicy foods) or reduce esophagogastric sphincter tension (such as coffee, mint, chocolate). Consider using proton pump inhibitors orally.
Aiming at vitamin B12 deficiency: monitoring the levels of whole blood cell count (CBC) and vitamin B12 once every 3 months for 3 years, then every 6 months for 5 years, and then every year. If there are clinical symptoms, vitamin B12 should be supplemented. For iron deficiency, the whole blood cell count and iron level should be monitored at least once a year. If there are clinical symptoms, iron should be supplemented.
It is recommended to maintain a healthy weight, accept a physically active lifestyle and avoid not working; eat healthily, emphasizing the intake of food from plant sources; limit alcohol consumption; give up smoking as appropriate; take health precautions and immunization under the care of primary physicians if indicated.