Am I in the End Stage of Kidney Failure?

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How long can a kidney failure  patient go when they can’t urinate? Our friend has started dialysis for about six weeks. He has almost quit urinating.
I think it's gonna be very soon, maybe half a year or a year.
I am really SUFFERING and struggling to get through each day . Every day I hurt , I have so many Health problems,  I really HATE MYSELF,  THERE is absolutely no one that understands what that I am going through,  for me to even talk to . No friends,  no family,  not even my Doctor.  Plus I can not even talk on the phone with anyone , or go anywhere.  My behavior gos bad if I hear laughing,  because I wonder why do they get to have Happiness,  and I get very mad. Every day I go with out the things I need to survive on.  Because I have not enough money to get the thing I need . I am all alone and with no money in the bank or anywhere else,  no Credit Cards,  no money on hand.  And because of all of this I cry every day . I wish I could feel some Happiness,  but I have forgotten how.  More and more I am having thoughts of suicide  . , and that really SCARES me , I do not want to die but I feel that is the only way out . Sence my world is to hard and no one wants to HELP ME.  AND  I am so tired of pretending that nothing is wrong.  Because no one cares anyway and so tired of explaining it to everyone and getting no where . I am a single elderly woman feeling like I am just hitting my head against the wall.  And less and less I am feeling at there is a reason to stay alive , I am just so tired of it all.  Desperately needing HELP . THANK YOU FOR READING AND GOD BLESS .
I live at 31870 NW MEADOW DR. , NORTH PLAINS OR . , 97133
Dear, I have received and read it carefully, thank you for your trust in me. Life can't set limits. When we fall to the ground, we come to the world naked. At that time we don't know that we will experience such a colorful life, but when we get a candy, a kiss or a hug We will all be happy for a long time. Now, when we grow up, mature, and have more things or knowledge, we are very distressed. Why? I guess maybe we are too greedy, maybe you need to divert your attention, there are a lot of interesting things happening, what you have experienced in the past is just the dusty existence of the universe, you have to firmly believe that nothing is too much to pass. . When spring comes, go find a bunch of flowers you like and put them in a vase. Good luck.
Dear Angela, i'm so sorry to hear you are suffering and no one is there to help you. I wish you well and happiness and will pray for your mental and physical health to improve. There are those who do care even if they're strangers. Reach out! Please email me if you need to vent or talk. I'd be happy to have you as an email correspondence friend.
Remember when you down out and fell all alone.just remember you have Jesus Christ he hears your prayers god doesn't but any more problems on us that we can't carry.try going to church you meet lovely people who willing to help you.hope things get better soon I keep you in my prayers. Bless you my friend.
@Martin, Are you serious? THAT'S your answer to someone desperately in need...go pick some flowers and put them in a vase?
WTF is the matter with you?
This woman needs so much just to survive and considering suicide because her life is difficult and you tell her this.
Your response is horrifically useless....Hang your head in Shame!
Suffering is TRUE. Pain is TRUE. Sadness is TRUE. Why do people always try to blame you when you feel desperate? Shame on you Martin!
I dont know if you are still here, hopefully you are .get the state  to help you .there are agency  out there for you.    Sign hopefully
What are the ending stages of lupas
Kidney failure.
I am so sorry. I too feel the same way you do.  The last thing I am sorry to say is someone telling me basically, to get over it. I know all these things and just really want someone to vent with and really don't want how I should make it better and be thankful. Let us wollow in our pity and for most of us we will move on.