What are the First Signs of Kidney Failure?

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What cause severe itching. in ESRD end-stage kidney disease?
when you have end-stage kidney disease, you can't urinate toxin in your body. you get ithcy. your skin is dry. you can try some Nutritional nerve drug and anti-allergy drugs. moisture  cream may help.
What cause server itching and rashing?
Hello, there are many reasons for itching and rash. Common infections (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.), allergies (foods eaten, items in contact, abnormal air breathing, etc.), in a humid environment for a long time, and so on. wish you health.
I have a strong pain originating from the kidney area of the back. It intensifies when I lie down. My urine seems to be deeper yellow, bordering on green and not enough. The pain seemed to migrate forward while lying on one side tonight and focus more on the high side of my thigh. Legs seemed to be a bit floppy. I took a diclofenac pill, thinking it might be an anti inflammatory muscle pain. That didn't help at all. I feel too bloated for the amount of food intake. I take daily: 2x Calcium tablets +D3, 1x Magnesium tablet, 2x Vit A capsules, 2x Collagen capsules , 2x Natural anti cholesterol tablets and a Vitaepro tablet.
Hello, according to your description, the kidney area pain is considered for the following reasons:  1 may be too much nutrient supplementation, affecting kidney function 2 kidney stones  3 nephritis 4 kidney foreign body. You'll need a blood test to test the kidney function, and an ultrasound.
Is tingling in upper buttocks a sign of kidney failure?
Hello, Ruth. No, the tingling is not a sign of kidney failure.
What conditions cause the body to not produce KCL properly.
Hello, what is KCL?