What Is Acquired Hemophilia?

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I want a simple answer. What is hemophiliac. Not how you develope it or how to treat it. What is hemophililic???
Hi, haemophilia is a mostly inherited genetic disorder that impairs the body's ability to make blood clots, a process needed to stop bleeding. This results in people bleeding longer after an injury, easy bruising, and an increased risk of bleeding inside joints or the brain. Those with a mild case of the disease may have symptoms only after an accident or during surgery. Bleeding into a joint can result in permanent damage while bleeding in the brain can result in long term headaches, seizures, or a decreased level of consciousness.
I have a lot of red mold like bumps popping up on my whole body. What are they?
I have some, too. They look like bumps filled up with blood, fresh red. Dr. says they're small hemangioma, not harmful.
There are various types of red mold, some are okay, some indicates diseases. Let a dermatologist see it.