What Are the Survival Rates for Liver Cancer?

5 Answers

My mom resently passed away from this form of cancer, is there any way one can get tested for this disease before it's spread to other organs.
I am sorry to tell you patients with liver cancer may have no symptom at all in the early stage. Health checkup every year may help to give some clue. Serum AFP, Serum tummor marker ,Serum liver enzyme and liver B-ultra sonogram  may help  to detect it.
Get ultrasound every year, treat the risk factors, hep b, hep c, have tumor marker tested every year.
I have secondary liver cancer that started in my GI track. The only tumors are attached to my liver (4). Right now the cells inside the tumors are “dead”. This has been for 2 months. What are the survival rates with this type of cancer?
The 5-year survival rate for localised is 31%, localised means the tumor is confined to the liver, including stage 1, 2, 3. Do you mean yours is a stage 4?
My mom is 73 years old and had colon cancer. Some how Theres a small spot on her liver . What’s survival rate if not treated. She had done a round of chemo for it before she has it removed but afaid after removed, it may spread
Tough decision to make. They've found a rising tumor marker in my Dad's blood, I'm worried I can't even sleep, keep thinking a lot. I think I can feel what you feel.
Colon cancer metastasis to liver, it's about one year if not treated.
my name is Jorge Guerrero I'm 46 years old I have had hepatitis C for the last over 10 years for sure and about a year ago and a half I was diagnosed with early stages of cirrhosis of the liver haven't done not anything about neither one of them not even gone back to the doctors just wondering what your opinion on my health now
When the cirrhosis develops to late stage you don't even need to go back to the doctors. That's it.
My husband has had thyroid cancer. He took radiation because surgery was not successful. It spread to his lung and liver and is now in his spleen. He has Parkinsons disease and multiple myeloma. The doctor has said there is no option and has suggested hospice. I need to know if there is any thing that can be done and what is the time line.
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