What Is Cirrhosis of the Liver? What Are the Symptoms?

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Theres for differant stages to  cirrhosis I was  diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 2010 in stage 3 and I was kind of just wondering if it should be in the fourth stage by now I've been having a lot more problems with my right side and it's trying to hurt worse when it does hurt and more often and I've been tired of like a little nauseated in my vision I can't hardly see very good at all now and I was kind of just wondering where I can try to find this information or what could be going on what I mean anything or any kind of information that might help
you should get liver function test, maybe pathologic histology , find out do you have HBV. other fuction: albumin, Coagulation test.
You hopefully started treating your liver like a new born baby when you were at stage 3. Limiting salt dramatically can help manage fluid buildup around the liver and settling in the entire abdomen. Absolutely no alcohol or any other drugs with the possible exception of CBD oil which research now shows a dramatic reversal of fatty liver and alcoholic cirrhosis. Get checked for liver function  Hep B is the number one cause of Heptacellular  Carcinoma followed closely by Hep C and fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease . It is now known that other than the Hep virus damage of all other fibrosis problems can be reversed through careful diet ( no processed food and eating organic fruits and vegetables with zero toxins.
Get checked out before it progresses. You can do something about this.
You just have to want to live longer and healthier.