What Is the Life Expectancy of Terminal Liver Cancer?

2 Answers

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I am a 64 yes mail just told I have stage 4 cirrhosis of liver due to bad diet.  Just like to know how long am I to live.
It' hard to say . If you have complication,such as Ascites, visceral bleeding, it’s bad. Statistics shows the 1-year mortality rate is about 50%.
Do you have high ALT/AST? Do you have jaundice, coagulopathy? I am not sure about the prognosis , it differs in various people and conditions. The doctor who gave you the diagnosis will be able to make a better estimate.
My mother has just been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, stage 4, it's in her liver but is of unknown origin-a major complication that exists is her aortic aneurysm - what do you think we can expect? She is experiencing severe pain with frequent episodes of weakness where she has to lay down quickly. Still trying to get Dr's appt for more info.
I think aortic aneurysm is life-threatening. But there is no effective thearapy except stent implanting. Aortic aneurysm is not related with the adenocarcinoma in the liver. For the adenocarcinoma, I'm sure your Oncologist will arrange biopsy and arrange treatment of chemo, or other therapies. You might also search for clinicial trial info as a plan B.