Foods That Lower Creatinine

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I need to drop my creatinine and was reading this article that says to not drink a lot of water My FP doc has my trying to drink a gallon a day. I just can’t do that, have never been a heavy fluid drinker.. I need to drink but what is a safe amount.? I Also is pork considered a red meat ? I love all kinds of beans so will pick up on that. Please tell me what else I can do and thank you very much
Hello Jan. Usually drinking a lot of water is good, however, for people with impairment of kidney function, there's a chance that the kidney can't metabolize so much water, causing urine retention. It depends on how your kidney is functioning, and a Urologist should let you know how much liquid you can take each day. If your doctor has made the suggestion after evaluating your kidney function, you can follow his guidance. As for pork, it's classified as "red meat". Chicken and turkey are classified as white meat, beef, lamb and pork are classified as red meat. Pork is identified in the food animal arena as a 'red meat'. Beef contains much myoglobin, chicken or fish contains less myoglobin, pork is somehow in-between.
This did not answer my question. I was diagnosed with abnormalities in creatinine production. I don't know if this means I should have more or less creatinine. I was prescribed medication that I was told will help my kidneys function. I refused to take it because I feel my doctor did not explain what my health condition was in a way I could understand. As of yet I have nothing to indicate there is a problem other than. I take medicine for diabetes. And I have not done a self test that registers over 149. And have had periods when mu glucose levels was consistently under 114. Yet my A1c came up 7.5 I'm still confused. I am currently looking for a new primary care physician. What should be my first plan of action. Do I start to take this new medicine or wait until I find another doctor.
Higher than normal serum creatinine means damaged kidney function. Creatinine is a production of your body, if the kidney functions normally, the crreatinine will stay in a normal range. When it goes higher, it means the kidney can't metabolize it normally. The damaged kidney function is eventually developing into kidney failure, the key is to start treatment at an early stage, so as to slow down the progression. Kidney health is largely linked to diabetes. A1C 7.5% is in the diabetes range. So the first thing to do is to take your diabetes medicine or insulin regularly, make sure the blood sugar (before meal, after meal, bedtime) are all well managed, meaning less than 130 before meal, less than 180 after meal, less than 140 bedtime. If you have the meds for kidney, start to take them. If not, try to drink more water.
Not helpful. What are the foods higher in creatinine?
mainly red meat