What Are Causes of Whooping Cough?

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How long is whooping cough contagious after you have finished your round of antibiotics? In other words, how long is the incubation period?
Patients with pertussis, recessive infections and carriers are the source of infection. At the end of the incubation period, the infection is the strongest 2 to 3 weeks after the illness. Pertussis is transmitted by respiratory droplets, and children under 5 years old have the highest susceptibility.
The incubation period is 5 to 21 days, usually 7 to 14 days.
Oral erythromycin can be taken after close contact with the patient for a total of 10 days of prevention.
How long can a person have the whooping cough? My Mom coughs all the time, she has had x-rays of her lungs and even wore a heart monitor for a week. Nothing seems to be showing up. She coughs from the time she wakes up untill she goes to bed. She is a dialysis patient, but she has been this way for about 4 years. I tried mucus cough medicine, she takes two different inhalers and allergy medicine. The heart dr said its not heart related and the lung dr. said it isn't a lunbng issue. I'm runnjng out if options, I reakky need some real advise that will help.
it's a real tricky problem. As your describe, your mother have cardio-genic (heart failure )or respiratory asthma. it's very hard to tell apart. since you mother have be given 2 kinds inhaler to relieve the problem and did not get better. besides, CKD and the dialysiscan cause heart failure, cardiogenic asthma should be consicered. you should have a heart echo to evalute the heart function. hyperfiltration during the dialysis  and control the blood pressure will be  very helpful.
but, repiratory asthma can't be exluded, may be drugs like methylprednisolone iv can improve the condition very effectively.
Sometimes there are blood pressure medicines that have a side effect if coughing.
Blood test for the bacteria for whopping cough is needed. After 2 ER visits and multiple doctors, I finally found out 7 weeks later and I am worse.
Get the blood test. It doesn’t show up on X-rays. This was my case, but I hope it helps. Good luck and blessings.
Thanks a lot for your sharing. It's very helpful. You are really a great person.
I believe I have had/have whooping cough. I'm 71 female, in very good health. I am finally feeling a little better, going into my 4th week and still coughing, especially at night. I am exhausted from the cough and my muscles are very sore. I completed one round of antibiotics which did nothing; augmentin helped a lot as I had upper and lower respiratory problems. Almost went to the ER twice but managed to control the cough after about 45 minutes. Apparently, it is unusual for adults to contract pertussis. I don't know whether I was inoculated. I live in NJ.
How long is your cough? have you do any test when you go to hospital?what anti-biotics do you have? did you get better after using anti-biotics?  Is it possible you are infected with virus? do you take lung X-ray, phenmonia? you should do more test  to find out.
My two year won’t stop coughing and she is wezzing and she wake up crying cuz of this I need to know why.
Hello, how long has she been coughing? Is it serious during the day or at night? Does she cough after going to bed? Does she have sputum? Has she ever taken phlegm-resolving, Asthma-relieving and anti-allergic drugs? Does she have a family history of asthma? Will she have a seizure when she gets to a place with good air? It is suggested to do an excitation experiment first.
How do I get rid of it
Get antibiotic. Whopping cough is a bacterial infection from bacterium Bordetella pertussis, it's a serious infection and highly contagious. Antibiotics helps. OTC cough medicines have little effect in relieving the cough, it's not recommended.
If you were told you were ex posed with someone who had  whopping cough  and you took the whooping cough vaccination and the dr will take another test but no one in the house hold have , why take vaccine
What can I do to protect everyone in the house ! I had a cough for 2 months but was being treated with prednisone and antibiotics because I sufferecwith asthmatic bronchitis then because I wasn’t getting better took X-ray because of pneumonia showed nothing then lab and was told I was exposed to whooping cough & will take another lab to make sure numbers drop and I took vaccine for whopping cough in last 6 months so I’m confused! Is being exposed to whooping cough the same as having it even if you’ve taken the vaccination for whooping cough! Strangely I was told to take it because I had bilateral pneumonia yrs ago , but I really didn’t think of whooping cough & never knew anyone who had it . But I want to cover my family members old & young
Hi Ms. Lyn, do you happen to live in Missoula County, since there seems to be an outbreak of whopping cough. The vaccine is up to 85% effective, and based on what you said you seems to have a relatively weak immune system. Nowadays whopping most affects kids who are too young to have completed the full process of vaccination, and teenagers/adults with faded immune. However, whopping cough is highly contagious, the best way to prevent it is still vaccination. So you may consider to get them all vaccinated.  

And the bacteria is passed through:
    Droplets released during sneezing or coughing
    Surfaces contaminated with droplets
    Coming in direct contact with an infected person

So always wearing a mask may help with the prevention.
The vaccine consists of a series of five injections, did you finish all of them?
Haven't your kids got vaccinated? It's required in most of the States before secondary school.
News are saying the vaccine is out of date and less effective in protecting kids. They said today's disease with yesterday's vaccine, the bacteria have mutated, and several school outbreaks in Q1 2019. The conclusion from them is vaccination plus early treatment. They emphasized early treatment is super important, with antibiotics.
I am 76 and got the whooping cough inoculation on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019.   That evening I started with a sore throat and last night started coughing.   Is this a normal reaction?   Today I am coughing even more.   Just a cold/coincidence/allergies???    Should I contact the doctor?   Can In take over the counter cough syrup?   Thank you for your help.
Mild problems following DTaP vaccination can include:
Reactions where the healthcare professional gave the shot
Soreness or tenderness
Fussiness (irritability)
Feeling tired
Loss of appetite

Reactions where the healthcare professional gave the shot and fever occur more often after the fourth and fifth doses of the DTaP series than after earlier doses. Sometimes the entire arm or leg that the shot was given in swells after the fourth or fifth dose. If this happens, the swelling lasts between 1 and 7 days.

Mild problems following Tdap vaccination can include:
Reactions where the healthcare professional gave the shot
Feeling tired
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach ache
Body aches or sore joints
Rash, swollen glands

I feel like that your symptoms are mild reaction to the vaccine. If it persists, contact a doctor. However, I guess the advice the doc will give you is still "wait and observe".
Not sure of what we are dealing with but my wife has had the same cough as all of these posts for over a year and have been to doctors the only thing that calmed it NyQuil at night but not good to take long term still working on this god bless
Did want to add that she has had X-ray and was normal had blood work and nothing showing up we will be going to lung doctor
Chronic cough can be due to many causes. A normal X-ray and blood work do not rule out all medical causes for coughing. For example, cough-variant asthma can occur with normal X-ray and negative blood work, but cause obvious coughing.