How to Reverse Kidney Failure?

4 Answers

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Hi ! My baby is now 11 months old but he is now suffering from one side enlarge kidney
Can u tell what cause is this
And doctors are telling us if urine is going return up in kidney then it cause damages
I am not sure, does the doctor mentioned to do further test. it's hard for you to know this.  some Urinary system malformation may happens.
Is this true with very early stages renal failure?
I can't get what's your question with "Is this true with very early stages renal failure?".
acute renal failure can be reversed in most cases. chronic renal failure can't be reversed, only progress gradually.
did you have a nephrectomy due to the urinary cancer?
can kidney disease to caused by to much portein in kidney which is red meat
No, kidney disease isn't caused by too much protein from diet. A healthy kidney is like a filter, it filters the protein in the blood, forbid much of them going to the urine. In a kidney disease, the filter is less functional, it allows proteins going to the urine, that's how the protein in the urine goes up. In a word, the protein was always in your body, when the kidney is healthy, the protein is in the blood, when the kidney isn't healthy, some protein goes to the urine from the blood.
return too you most or even all kidney function. "to"
Thank you, Madam.