Can Constipation Cause Back Pain?

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Lower left side of back has a pain which lasts for hours and causes loss of sleep and is very painful however in a small area only in on spot over and over daily
Do you have chest pain, whether there is swelling, blunt pain or sharp pain in the pain area, specifically in the first few costal cartilage. Is there any tenderness, whether the pain will radiate, whether the pain is deepened after deep breathing, coughing, activity, chest and fatigue. How long has the pain lasted? CT can detect the lesions and show the cartilage swelling and ossification. I suggest you do a CT check as soon as possible.
I have lower back pain on the right side sometimes when my bowels move it feels like pressure on my back. Some days my bowels don't move I have to take something to make them move.
It seems that you have chronic constipation. You can relieve the symptoms by eating a fiber diet and do regular exercises. If this does not work, using some laxatives should be considered.
I have back pain on the lower right side that radiates down my leg and right side pelvic area. Constipation is an issue need to know if the pain can be because of the constipation?
Generally the pain caused by constipation is confined to the abdominal and pelvic area. Leg pain combined with back pain generally suggests nerve compression, most commonly sciatica.