What Is Acute Migraine Headache?

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What if I   have numbness  and tingling  of the face while  have a  migraine.
Is it just numb when a migraine attack occurs or is it numb after the migraine is relieved? If it is continuous, I suggest you do further inspection.
It got numb one night when I turned my head. It only got numb on my right side. Of my face that is! But it stayed like that for about twelve hours! It great concerned me. But I live in a nursing home 2nd it st concern them.
My kindle messed up my comment. I said the right side of my race went numb one night then I got dizzy. She then I got a migraine. But it we'd a real had one like I was expecting. But the numbness stayed for about twelves hours.I live in a  nursing home and they were not concerned about it at all! I saw not happy shout the fact that they wer not concerned!
Your facial numbness in migraine is actually a sensory aura.

Migraine symptoms are not always confined to the head. Sometimes there are other parts of the body that are affected by migraines. As changes occur in the brain, different sensations may be felt throughout the body.
It’s not uncommon to feel numbness or tingling in a small or large area of the body. These symptoms are sometimes associated with sensory aura.

Numbness symptoms may include
Numb fingers
Numb face
Arm numbness
Head numbness
Numbness in the lips, tongue or legs
Numbness on one side of the body
These sensations of numbness, sometimes called sensory aura, can occur before, during or after the migraine pain begins. Most often the sensations occur on the same side of the body as the pain in the head.
About 15 percent of migraine sufferers experienced numbness in the face and 13 percent felt their leg or arm went numb, in a study of 740 migraine sufferers.