Is Constipation Related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

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I have uncontrolable constant gas that release on its own. What could it be
I am not sure what are you talk about? flatulence?
The general reasons are as follows:
1. A large amount of air is swallowed: a large amount of gas can be swallowed by gassing; when mental factors or certain gastrointestinal diseases increase the saliva, more gas can be swallowed with saliva; when drinking plenty of water or drinking into a drink, it is easy. Swallow air.
2. Intestinal emptying disorder: When the intestinal obstruction or intestinal wall tension is weakened, excessive gas and liquid can accumulate in the intestinal tract.
3. Indigestion: Rough foods containing more cellulose can increase intestinal volume and affect normal peristalsis and produce abdominal distension. Long-term application of broad-spectrum antibiotics can inhibit normal intestinal flora and cause food to produce gas.
Many gastrointestinal diseases, as well as diseases such as hepatobiliary pancreas and peritoneum, can produce gastrointestinal flatulence.
4, gastrointestinal lesions: a variety of gastrointestinal inflammation, ulcers, tumors, etc.
you should go to hospital and check out.
When you poop every time you pass gas what do that mean