What are the Natural Treatment for Gout?

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How do we use apple cider and baking soda?
You can buy apple cider vinegar from Vitamin stores. Baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon mixed with 8 oz. water. Take them orally.
How much apple vinegar and can you get from grocery store?
Apple cider vinegar is usually available in grocery stores. You can mix 1 teasponn into a glass of water, and drink after meal, 1 spoon each day. It's acid so I would not suggest any intake before meal, it may damage your stomach mucosa.

You can also add it into dishes, it's vinegar anyway, a pretty nice seasoning.
What kind of pain pills will help with the pain and will cold compressors  help?
Hello, the treatment of gout mainly includes drugs to control acute episodes (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, colchicine, glucocorticoids) and hypouric acid drugs. The hypouric acid drugs are divided into drugs to inhibit the synthesis of uric acid (allopurinol, febupropathione) and drugs to promote the excretion of uric acid (probenecid, phenylbromarone). When the urine pH is below 6.0, the urine should be alkalized. Urine pH 6.2-6.9 is beneficial to dissolution of uric acid crystals and excretion from urine. Urine pH > 7.0 is easy to form calcium oxalate and other calculi. Urine pH should be measured during alkalization of urine. If patients who have not used hypouric acid drugs before, general treatment can be carried out in the acute phase, such as bed rest, elevation of affected limbs, local cold compress, large amount of drinking water, colchicine or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin or ibuprofen, etc.). After 2 weeks of pain control, hyaluronic acid was administered. However, if gout recurs after the use of hypouric acid drugs, it is generally not necessary to discontinue the use of hypouric acid drugs in the acute phase.
Each drug has its corresponding indications and contraindications, and the choice of specific drugs needs to be judged by specialists according to the actual situation. If a drug treatment fails to meet the blood uric acid control standard, then combined drug treatment may be considered. Pay attention to the possible side effects during use.
In addition, no studies have shown that cold compress can treat gout.
First of all a cold compress is useless. The only thing that will work is combinations of colchicine and indomethacin. This will work within 24 hours. The side effects are bad gas pains and or diarrhea. I will take the poops any day over the gout pain.
How do you use Apple cider? Do you drink it add it to something?
I'd like to know the Answer to this also.
I take apple cider pills, GNC.
You add 1 tbs to glass of water
I take apple cider vinegar pill twice a day and tart cherry extract. I got both from Wal Mart, not expensive.
Celery gets rid of the pain from gout within 24 hours.
Tell me about that.
How much celery did you eat?
How muchcelery helps?.my husband suffers.
A recipe for celery juice:

1 cucumber
8-10 ribs of celery
1 green apple
A squeeze of lemon juice
1-inch fresh ginger root

There're a few choices on celery.

1. celery seeds extract - you can buy the tablets from pharmacy and take 2 tablets every day. Better take every day instead of taking when the gout visits you

2. celery juice - drink every day

3. celery as food - eat every day
Natural remedy for gout include:

1. Celery
2. Black cherry
3. Nettles - drink nettle tea
4. Fish oil
5. Proteolytic enzymes
6. Magnesium