What Are the Symptoms of Severe Chronic Constipation?

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I have a lot of votiming nausau since last year its been longer than this. Just a different Pain. the doctors could find much wrong but stomach irratation I have Acid Reflux I was Dianoise with gastritis last year I have severe contipation when i have bowel moments i go 4 5 t imes in one day they be normal bowel movements it makes me real sick i vomitms each time when i go to the bathroom.
It sounds like you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, since you describe your symptom as contipation and diarrhea. it's a tricky disease. it's more likely related to spiritual factors,try to relax your-self.
Try chamomile tea, I found it very helpful in relaxing my nerves. My gas problem improves huge since I started to take chamomile tea.