How to Relieve Constipation?

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My husband hasn’t had a bowel movement he said since before Christmas. And has stomach pain what can he do go to hospital
Abdomen X ray may help exclude intestinal obstruction.
Yes,go to hospital and get an ultrasound see if there's bowel obstruction.

Here are some remedies: fleets suppositories, fleets enema and miralax. If he doesn't get significant relief then he should go to his family physician or directly to the emergency room should his abdominal pain becomes unbearable. He/she should request that your husband have an abdominal ultrasound. Should the results return as negative and your husband is still in discomfort,the next step would be to undergo a barium enema and or a barium swallow. This will show any strictures/obstructions of his colon and or small bowel. If those results are positive, he will need to undergo a life-saving surgery called a colon resecton. If it's in his small bowel he may have what is known as a volvulus of the small bowel. If it goes untreated he could and probably is experiencing dissention {swelling} of his abdomen and uncontrollable vomiting. It's imperative that he seek immediate medical attention because he could become septic and DIE! I speak from experience. My doctor told me that had I waited 24 hours my family would have been making burial arrangements for me. I wish him well.  If he has a barium enema, remind him to drink at least a gallon of water after the test. If he doesn't, it will begin to hardwn and only cause him more pain. #ContinuedPrayers
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If he hasn't had a bowel movement he needs to go to hospital, it caused me to hav an abscess on my colon, u can get sepsis from it, possibly die from it. I was in hospital 5 days heavy antibiotics,  had I not gone th doc said I would of died, thank God I didnt hav to hav surgery. At least go to gasteronologist