What Measures Should I Take to Relieve Severe Constipation?

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does it matter what time of day you take a stool softener
I think there is no standard time . Day time is better, so you can solve the big problem at daytime and sleep well at night. you should drink enough water everyday , no matter, you have medicine or not
Does constipation cause bloating does it make you feel sick are you not hungry? after you take medicine does your stomach feel gripey
Chronic constipation is a common condition caused by a variety of causes, which often plagues people in daily life and affects the quality of life of patients. Current treatments for the disease include conditioning and taking laxatives through the diet, while most patients indicate dissatisfaction with existing treatments. The goal of treatment for chronic constipation is to relieve symptoms, restore intestinal motility, and establish normal bowel function. Empirical treatment based on symptoms can reduce unnecessary diagnostic tests and reduce the burden on patients.

Patients with constipation should stay away from the use of some drugs. If you are in pain, you should use caution as a sedative or anticholinergic agent (such as atropine, belladonna, anisodamine, etc.) that can inhibit gastrointestinal motility. Patients with respiratory digestive diseases should use astringent aluminum-containing preparations and calcium preparations with caution. Drugs such as waiting may cause or aggravate constipation after taking these drugs.
You should establish a good bowel habit. It is recommended to fix the defecation time every day. Generally, after getting up in the morning, the intestine is in a period of re-adjustment, which helps defecation. You should make full use of this favorable opportunity. Even if you have no intentions, you should defecate on time, train your bowel movements, concentrate on your bowel movements, don't read newspapers and magazines, and don't play mobile phones. The shorter the squatting time, the better, usually no more than 10 minutes. In addition, avoid bowel movements, and if there is a willingness, you should defecate in time. Drink plenty of water in the morning to drink cold water. Warmer water can better stimulate stomach-colon reflex, thus relieve constipation. After morning, drink 300 ml to 400 ml of hot water on an empty stomach, and drink it in 2 to 3 times. Wait for 15 minutes to 30 minutes to go to the toilet. Drink 1500 ml ~ 2000 ml per day, people with spleen and stomach