Is It Possible If I Get Shingles with No Rash?

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Is there alot of pain with shingles without rash. Im pretty sure i have th
at its been going on three weeks now its mostly in my lower right lung it moves back and forth up my back its the worst pain especially in the morning after i have slept on the side that hurts i can hardly make it to the bathroom for the pain is so bad. I havevto soak in a hot tub that eases the pain is this anywhere near shingled without rash
at the early period of shingles, it presents with only pain but no rash. then in a week ,the rashes comes out. normally this period won't last long .
Can it take longer than a week for the rash to show if you you have shingles.  I have a small area under my shoulder that is very sensitive to the touch, burns and tingles for the last 12 days. Doctor can’t treat me if there are no signs of a rash ?
Normally, it won't take that long. I am not sure it's shingles. You should see a doctor to find out what it is, may be it's not shingles, but other treatable disease.
I may have shingles with no rash but a couple of bumps on my forehead are red and now are scabing over. I have had shooting pains in my head and waves of pain. I thought shingles affected the body in a rash. I have had this on going for 12 days. I plan to see my doctor but am curious about shingles. It is all on my right side and also pain in the corner of my right eye,
Hello, herpes zoster usually appears in the nerves passing through, and the pain or rash is linear. Pain manifests as a feeling of acupuncture or burning. Common parts are at the rib or at the waist. I doubt your disease is herpes zoster. I'll recommend you see a local dermatologist.
I am almost sure that I have the Shingles with out the Rash. Can you tell me about how long it would last? I have not been to the Doctor. I have had it about a week and it is some better, do you think that I should go to the Doctor?
It usually lasts for a month, if you think it's under control, it's ok to keep watching it out.