How to Prevent Shingles?

3 Answers

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I started taking flomivir for shingles yesterday.i have been getting severe headaches and face pain.isit from the medication or the shingles.
where is your shignles, trigeminal neuralgia caused by shingles,which present severere headache and face pain.flomivir is anti-virus drug,which can relieve your pain
Do you have red blotches on your face?
shingles could cause red patches on your face
There's 5 of us living in same household, and just recently one of the living here was diagnosed with shingles..There is no part on her part to take precautions to not to spread the contagious virus.. For we share just about all household items...although she has been it still possible to spread the virus? And if so....what is your medical advice for this family......
Herpes zoster is transmitted through the respiratory tract, and the mask is effective protection. The fluid in the blister is also infective, Avoid contacting the blister.
I am 86 yrs, have not had chicken pox nor been with anyone who has. How did I get shingles??
Hi Mrs. DeMuynck, let's say a person with Shingles touched the button of the lift, the person left active virus on the button, in one minute you touched the button, then you get contacted with the virus. That's why the only effective way to prevent is to take vaccination. Hope this can explain.
I also wondered how I contracted shingles.  I woke up one day with pain behind my ear and swollen glands on the same side of my neck.  The doctor said I have shingles.  I'm only 50 and have never had chicken pox or the vaccine for chicken pox.  I wish people would stop telling everyone that you cannot get shingles unless you have had chickenpox. It is very misleading.
In theory, you can not get shingles without a prior history of chickenpox. But in reality, there are people who get shingles even they claim they have no prior chickenpox. I do not know exactly the reason, but it seems very likely that people's memory towards what happened decades earlier may be misleading. Who can tell exactly what happened when you were just a kid decades earlier?