How Long Will My Shingles Last?

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My husband has has the shingles 6 months. The pain runs along the nerve line. He has had gabapentin  and lyrica  but nothing seems to take the pain away.  Is there anything that will take the pain? Been told that getting the new shingle shot will help him now but have heard that it can give him the shingle again.  He has the Pain internal on his left side and can only sleep on his left side, put to move or lift his arm pain is very painful.
is he having blister or only pain?
normally,it's getting better after anti-virus theray,the blister would dispear soon,but the pain may last a litter longer. if it's not getting better in 6 months,i am afraid his immune system is not working well.

persistent shingles may be a sign of AIDS
Gadapatin kills off nerve endings and causes the brain to become weaker and less effective
The answer that states Gabepen kills nerve endings and makes your brain weaker is untrue!
Gabapentin works by mimicing GABA neurotransmitter, which can inhibit influx of Ca2+ into the nerve ending and further prevent release of P substance that causes pain. Currently, research about Gabapentin on the brain is rare but there are some reports about brain damage as the side effect of Gabapentin in 3/141944 patients.
I've had shingles since September, and there still itching me like crazy. What can I do for the itching??
you can get some externally-using cream, it's maybe allergy.
How long will shingles last?
How long does the shingles pain last!
it depends. How big is the rash range? if you have blister all around the wrist ,it may ache a months long. small region, after a week ,you may feel better.
A family member has has shingles a long time,never went to doctor. His rash is huge. Can a rash go dormant without treatment,then grow become contatiouse,ect....for years? Is cleaning everyday,because they dont,a must if living with other people,changing sheets everyday,ect... he is just now on meds.for it.
shingles can be contagious, uausally to people who have Immune dysfunction.
the treatment is easy at early period. if you don't get treated, it can go wild, maybe Viral meningitis. it can be healed. But there will be sequelae, the virus stay in your nerve for ever and you may have shingle again when your immune system is low-functioned.
I got the shingles on time with first rash Back in 2017. There after it came back in aug.2018 I get med. Goes away but now it's like coming back every two months.only once I have gotten the blisters, I seem to catch it on time. I wanted to ask Can I get the shot or is it to late
Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) infection can lead to two diseases with different clinical manifestations. Primary infection with VZV causes varicella, characterized by blistering lesions at different stages of progression on the face, trunk and limbs. Herpes zoster is caused by reactivation of endogenous latent VZV infection in sensory ganglia. This clinical type is characterized by unilateral painful herpes bullosa, which usually occurs in localized areas of the cortex. Herpes zoster can occur at any age, but mainly in adults over 60
The clinical manifestations of herpes zoster without complications usually include herpes and acute neuritis in the ganglion distribution area. Acute neuritis can occur before or at the same time as rash. The rash is usually confined to a single skin area, but occasionally involves two or three adjacent skin areas. Some patients may also have scattered blisters on the skin at a distance from the affected area.
The treatment of herpes zoster includes:

Antiviral therapy can accelerate the healing of skin lesions and reduce the severity and duration of acute neuritis. Whether antiviral therapy can reduce the risk of post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) remains unclear.
Analgesia was given to patients with moderate to severe acute neuritis.
Antiviral therapy - The goal of antiviral therapy is:

Reducing the severity and duration of pain associated with acute neuritis

Promoting faster healing of skin lesions

Preventing the formation of new skin lesions

Reducing the risk of transmission by reducing viral excretion

Prevention of PHN
Skin lesions occurring less than 72 hours - Antiviral therapy is recommended for patients with no complications of herpes zoster treated within 72 hours of clinical symptoms. Antiviral therapy should be initiated within this time period to maximize its potential benefits.

Antiviral therapy seems to benefit the most from herpes zoster in patients over 50 years of age, who usually have longer pain duration [5,9]. Although the efficacy of antiviral
I have 5 red (look like insect bites in the shape of a cat's paw- no blisters-  little black centers- localized. showed md- he took one look- said shingles.  had it about week before I saw him.  That was last week Dec.2018- It is now feb5, 2019-pain severe right side- on fat roll under breast radiating to back- feels like my liver is in labour.  red marks faded slightly- still there.  ditto pain (slightly less)- took acyclovir po for 7 days &  used same 5% ointment to absolutely NO avail.  How long is this contagious & how long is this going to go on?? I got this gift for my 84th birthday on New yrs eve- this was NOT on my bucket list. am I still contagious?? If it repeats _God forbid- will I be contagious again each time?? Anybody got any answers??
When primary VZV infection occurs, the virus is first inoculated into the upper respiratory tract mucosa, then replicated in the local lymph nodes and released into the blood to form the first viremia. When the virus is transported to the organs of reticuloendothelial system such as liver and spleen, it completes the second round of replication, forming the second viremia and spreading widely throughout the body. About 14 to 16 days after infection, the virus can penetrate the capillary endothelial cells to the epidermis, then move along the nerve fibers of the posterior spinal cord or trigeminal ganglion to the center, and persistently lurk in the neurons of the posterior spinal root ganglion. The onset of VZV is usually divided into three stages: the first stage is in the latent period, in which the latent VZV reactivates in neurons and the immune surveillance function is impaired; the second stage is in the clinical eruption period, when the virus is released from ganglion along the nerve pathway to skin, the memory immune response of the host is enhanced, and the VZV infection is confined to the primary lesion, once the memory immune response is weakened. The third stage is in clinical dissemination. The virus not only affects the skin, but also spreads to the central nervous system and other internal organs.
All herpes viruses have latency, and latency is almost lifelong. The latency of most herpes viruses is an important form of escape from epidemic surveillance. It has been found that VZVDNA exists in cells in the form of free genes, and there are transcripts and synthetic proteins of viral genes in latent infection. VZV ORF and microRNAs play an important role in maintaining latent infection of VZV. According to the doctor's advice, nearly half of the patients recovered within 2 to 3 weeks, and most of the elderly recovered within 3 to 4 weeks. Sequelae of neuralgia are elderly patients with chronic diseases. However, recurrent seizures are also common.
Just got this for the first time I got meds two kinds but I work and I'm off 3 days what I'm asking is how long will this go one with meds and applease cider vinegar treatment
Hello, what are your symptoms and where are you uncomfortable? Have you had any medical history before? Is it diagnosed? And your age and weight. What are the drugs you said? Please tell me carefully. Thank you.
I had shingles on my forehead and close to my eye. It's been one and half years and I am still scratching  my forehead and scalp.i have been on 4 different creams which helps for 3 hours.i have had 5 different shampoos ,no help. I had my first shot when it came out in April now the second shot is waiting for me at drugstore( heard bad things) I'm worried about getting another shot.will it rally help me?
I am not sure about what shot you had? have you see a Dermatologist? since you have shingles for one and half years, it's abnormal. Normally, shingles won't last for this long. you should see a Dermatologist and see if it is shingle. if it is  shingles, you should get standard treatment. do you have disease causing weak function of immune system?
Shingles usually lasts for several days to weeks. A year and a half is way too long.  And you got the first shot in April 2018 when you still had the shingles symptom? This doesn't sound right. Anyone who's currently having shingles shouldn't get the vaccine. And most people with shingles feel more pain than itching. I would think you need to see a dermatologist and confirm what's bothering you is shingles.
I have shingles behind my eye and around the eye area and forhead and up into my head and took valtrex two rounds of it and also used the cream terrasil and have to see a eye surgeon every two weeks now it was once a week but it was recently changed to once every two weeks. But I have had shingles over a five or six months no I don’t have the sores or blisters anymore but occasionally a little pain in the inner corner of my eye but my most horrific complaint is the itching it is horrible what can I use besides the terrasil and Benadryl and capzasin cream which if it gets anywhere in your eye it burns severely   Please I really need something to help stop this horrific itching around my eye and forehead please
I think you'd better get anti-viral drugs, like Acyclovir, doctor can give you prescription. Obviously ointment isn't good enough to help you.
I was diagnosed with shingles when I went into a walk-in medic office in my drug store.  The NP diagnosed my rash as shingles and issued a prescription for Valacyclovir Hcl, 1 gm tab, to take 3xday for 1 week.  The red rash on my thigh never turned into blisters.  It remained a red spotted rash and is now fading after 2 weeks.  I never did feel pain, or itching.  My pharmacist told me I can receive a new more effective vaccine approved by the FDA that will offer 90% protection against a resurgence of shingles.
Shingrix is the new vaccine, Zostavax is the old one. Shingrix is safe and many are waiting for the shots.
I’ve had pain and sensitivity in my left rib cage on and off for five years no one can tell me what is causing it. Never had a rash but several different drs think it maybe be shingles is that possible
NO. That is impossible for you to have shingles for 5 years without even a rash. As for you symptoms, I would suggest you see a doctor and do tests, it might be something with your heart, your ribs, etc..