How Long Will My Shingles Last?

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I have had the shingles for 3 weeks.  I had a liver  transplant  July of 2017 and my immune system is very low.  I had herpes about 2 and 1/2 months ago.  Pain is still severe, can this damage my liver.
it ispossible.There are very few patients with severe liver damage. During the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, we found that there are still a large number of viruses in the viscera after the skin lesions are improved, which can make the disease worse. This needs close observation of liver function.
What happens if u took the med every 3 hrs instead of every 4hrs and ran outta of meds by the 5th day
Hello Eva, if the symptoms have gone, you don't need to worry about it. If the symptoms still exist, you'll need to get more medicine.
i have had schingles for aweek now. starti g to scabover numness has long before results.
Hello Debbie, shingles usually last for around a month.
Anyone have internal singles? I'm into m 7th week and still having a lot of nerve pain. Have in strange place: left butt and thigh (back and side). Sitting and lying on cold packs.
Don’t know if this is true but I read don’t use cold ice packs , cold compresses are better.
Shingles, what you can do is to relieve the pain and wait.
It seems ice is the only thing that helps. Like it freeze the nerves no longer feel pain.
Anyone have internal shingles? I'm into my 7th week and still having lots of nerve pain. Have it in a strange place: left butt and back and side of left thigh. Sitting or lying on cold packs day and night.
I've been sick with internal shingles since July 10th 2018. Intestinal. I've almost given up hope. Are their any doctors who are familiar with this disabeling disease ?
Last Sat. I went to the doctors thinking I had a spider bite on the back of my neck. The doctor told me I had Shingles and gave me the anti-viral med which I started at noon that day - and take every 8 hours since then. As the day progressed on Saturday i noticed the rash had spread some - a few clusters under chin and on back. So today is Weds. and I noticed some of the clusters are crusting over - some did not form blisters. I noticed today out of the blue another cluster (dots) are forming below my chin which had Not been there before. I thought that the rash would be over in 5 to 7 days. Is this incorrect. Is the rash going to keep forming and if so for how long?
Shingles can last about a month.
Internal shingles for 4 months now, thought better, but now spreading to another line. Headed to doc to see if I need another round of anti viral!!
I'll assume you've got another round of anti-viral treatment. Other than that, you may try to diet more fruits and vegetable and do daily exercise to boost your immune. Once you're infected with the virus, they'll always stay in your body. The best weapon to fight against them is a strong immune.
I had shingles on my neck and upper shoulder and upper chest area. During August... Thought it was Poison Ivy and didn’t get treatment for almost two weeks. My doctor then put me on Valtrex 4000mg daily for seven days. The discomfort has abated but occasionionly it feels uncomfortable. I still have some of the lesions/bumps .. especially on my neck .. is this normal ???
Yes, that's normal.