Light Chain Disease & Light Chain Deposition Disease

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I have kappa light chains that have slowly risen over an eight year period. I do not have m spike. I am tested once a year blood work only just to make sure that I do not have myeloma by a hemo/onco that does not specialize in MM, LCDD or Amaloidois. Initially tested by MD Anderson in 2012 and was told it would likely turn into amyloidosis.  No abnormal deletions etc on initial bone marrow by M D Anderson. Small abbrerant .06 dyscrascia in 2012. Never had another bone marrow since. This all started with hypogamaglobulimia and I have been on IVIG infusion once a month for past 5 years. I still have infections in lungs and other areas and take lots of antibiotics.
The kappa IGG free light chains just slowly rise. Never treated with chemo. Your thoughts?
I have severe back and joint issues which may or may not be related to the blood disorder.
Hi, kappa light chains increasing means your disease is developing , I think you should see a Hematologist and have bone marrow test again . It is very important for diagnosis.
Genetic tests and flow cytology can assist  better in diagnosis. And will help the treatment in pneumonia. My advice is to see a Hematologist.
My kappa light chain/free is 26.2 and my Hemotologist stated that she is not concerned and she does feel is is warranting and biopsy or bone marrow testing. Should I get a second opinion??
A kappa free light chain level of 26.2 is abnormal, but not very high. Certainly, a bone marrow biopsy is reassuring in this setting in the sense that it could exclude multiple myeloma/plasma cell dyscrasia.
My free kappa serum  is 24.3 and my free kappa/Lumbda is 2.43 are these dangerous ranges that need to be treated and if not what number range should treatment start?

I have degenerative changes throughout the spine as well as the major joints.  Can this be treated?
Have you been diagnosed with a blood disease before? you should see a Hematologist,find out why free kappa is high. Degenerative changes in spine and joints can't be treated, drugs could relieve symptoms.