Abdominal Pain - Possible Causes

1 Answer

This pain across the middle part of my stomach  just started about a week ago.  One week pryer I had an UTI which I took antibiotics for and shortly after that I got the flu and my stomach hasn’t felt the same since. I had diarrhea a couple days after the flu and it was so nasty smelling and was dark greenish in color and just weird looking. The pain doesn’t seem like it wants to go completely away whether I eat or don’t eat
you may suffer from a kind of flu which cause diarrhea and stomach pain. maybe you only have a Infectious diarrhea after flu. you shoulf see a doctor and have stool tests, and then get the right medication.
Sandra Snow did you ever get answers?? I am having the same problem
I believe tha pain is caused by the UTI. Have you ever done any tests?
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