What Causes Dizziness?

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I need to have acid surgery. Are dizziness and sporadic headache on back left side of head, symptoms of that?
What is acid surgery that you said, can you describe something specific?
I know Exactly what he's going through.  I have it everyday.  It just comes over me at any time of day.  Its so hard to explain to docs what its like.
Hello, tell me in detail what you have experienced. Where is the discomfort? Is it pain? How many times a day? How long does each episode last? How many days have you been attacked? Is there any other history of the disease? How old is it? Or you can describe everything about you, please let me know. Thank you.
I have had two episodes this morning while l was fixing breakfast. That type of dizziness is strange for me. I actually thought i was falling on the first one. I checked my blood pressure and its fine and .y heart rate also. I am a little depressed.That is nothing new, but lm also having some hard cramps in my lower stomach and thats unuseable too. I'm 72 and in pretty good health.
I think you may have transient ischemic attack or otolithiasis. Go to the hospital and check the neck vessels and head CT.
I am concerned about transimit ishcnmic attack, also known as small stroke. I would suggest you to see a neruologist and get fully evaluated by MRI studies
Just right before christmas I wasnt feel like myself and i ended up putting everything off until I felt random places in my face going numb. Was so so weird for me and I have had issues before with vertigo  and migraines. I got to where I felt so sick and to move made me feel worse. I had went to the doctors and I have a ctscan, I've had blood drawn, I've also had a MRI, and a MRA scan done and none of the doctors ive seen can tell me what could be wrong but they ain't findinding nothing bad in any of my test. With me having the vertigo constant now and migraines every 2 days or so I'm on meds for it. I've been taking for 4 days now. I cant tell a difference just yet. But I'm still having symptoms and I'm scared someone ain't seeing something. What can I do?
It's a good thing they didn't find anything. That means there's no tumor in your brain. Vertigo and migraine are annoying, doctors can only provide drugs, and it might take longer to be effective. If you try your best to relax, and try to have a good sleep, it'll be helpful to your recovery. Anxiety won't do any good.
First I got real dizzy everything was spinning, then started pooping with sweat, then I got the dry heaves. What is going on
This sounds like vertigo, dizziness with spinning feeling, and sweating. Vertigo is usually caused by inner ear problem, in most cases, it goes away without any treatment. If the symptom lasts for more than a week, you will need to go see a doctor.
I get vertigo every time I do get down my head, I have already falling, I m 83 yrs old man
Mr. Villamar, your symptom sounds like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), the vertigo/spinning sensation occurs when you lift your head up or down. Vertigo usually goes away on its own, at your age it's important to prevent falling down. If your episode lasts too long, doctors can help you relieve the symptoms with a series of movements called canalith repositioning procedure.
Is the Eichly Procedure the same thing as canalith repositioning procedure?
I guess you intended to mean Epley Maneuver. It is one of a few canalith repositioning procedures. Other manueuvers include Semont Maneuver, Half-Somersault or Foster Maneuver, or Brandt-Daroff Exercise. All these are specific canalith repositioning procedures
My wife gets serious dizziness and vomiting with headaches. She gets them three or four time a month. She went to get her hearing test and came back good. She has heart disease in her family history. What can I do or see to get this check out for any medical treatment.
Better see a neurologist, to find out the cause of periodic dizziness and vomiting.
My husband has had dizziness for years, no dr.seems to be able to help him. He's also off balance, he complains about his head feeling fussy or messed up, he really can't explain it he says.
He's off balance, it's usually the inner ear, or neck, or brain, or vision.
My mom had a virus attack her inner ear. they had to go in a sever that nerve so she didnt have an episode while driving or something. Out of no where she would spin and get violently sick. It was a major surgery but 20 years later she hasn't had another episode!
My spatial (Geographical) dyslexia is a result of Midlife Autistic Breakdown (Regression) which caused severe Sensory Processing Disorder Sensitivity. Good luck with Neurologists figuring it out, especially if you are older . I went through nine of them over a seven year period before figuring it out myself then having it confirmed by a Psychiatrist. At this point in time only pediatric neurologists are well versed in spotting autism. There are many adults with undiagnosed ASD.
Thanks for sharing this, Mr. Schauer. I have been always an isolated person, I talk to people normally, I act normally, but I like being alone most of the time every day. When my son turned 3, I noticed difference in him, it turned out he is ASD. Since then I studied a lot and I realized all my behaviors originate from the ASD genes that I carried and passed to my son. I'm pretty sure I can't be tagged with ASD, but learning about ASD helps me understand myself. I try to act normal every day, yet I'm so glad to talk about this somewhere.
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I used to get vertigo.  Now if I start feeling like it might be coming on I do the

Epley Maneuver.  I have not had an episode for over 4 years.  My issue was with my inner ear

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