What Are the Treatment and Remedies for Cellulitis Infection?

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This is the second time in 2 months that i have had cellulitis what going on?
Recurrent cellulitis is common, and the potential conditions for recurrence of cellulitis in the body include:
Edema due to lymphatic reflux disorder
Venous insufficiency
Intertoe cracking or impregnation
Tinea pedis

The treatment of recurrent infection is the same as that of the first infection. In addition, susceptibility factors should be identified and minimized. For example, patients with edema may benefit from the use of pressure socks and diuretics.
For patients with recurrent infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus, colonization can be attempted.
If the susceptibility factors cannot be alleviated, and the patient's cellulitis attacks 3-4 times a year, the patient may need to be treated with inhibitive antibiotics during the persistence of the susceptibility factors. Serological detection of hemolytic streptococcus B may be a useful diagnostic tool, which can help to guide the choice of antibiotic therapy.
Antibiotic options for antimicrobial therapy include:

For patients with known or presumed streptococcal B infection:

Penicillin V (250-500 mg once, twice a day, orally)

Erythromycin (250mg once, twice a day, orally)

- Benzylpenicillin intramuscular injection (1.2 million U for patients weighing more than 27 kg; 600,000 U for patients weighing less than 27 kg), once every 2-4 weeks

For patients with known or presumed staphylococcal infections:

Clindamycin (150 mg once, once a day, orally)

TMP-SMX (double-strength tablets, one tablet at a time, two times a day, orally)

Bacteriostatic therapy lasts for several months, and efficacy and tolerance are assessed during treatment. If recurrence of cellulitis occurs, patients should be reassessessed in time; when symptoms occur, patients can be instructed to start using antibiotics themselves before consultation.

Recurrent pyogenic cellulitis has the same treatment regimen as the initial one.

If abscess recurrence occurs at the site of previous infection, other causes should be considered, suc
The problem is while these antibiotics are vital & in getting the cellulitis under control so that healing can begin. They aren't ridding our bodies of the culprit therefore, we still carry it & it resurfaces. And... It REALLY pisses me off. I've been battling cellulitis in my lower left leg for close to 12 years now. I'm one of the few or many who have no idea how I ever wound up with it. I DON'T have or fit ANY of the criteria. It's more than an inconvenience, cellulitis has ruined my LIFE. Now, some people may think I'm over reacting or being dramatic. Those are the folks who are fortunate enough not to spend their lives battling this unspeakably frustrating & disfiguring disease. Cellulitis has made it so I've had to completely change my wardrobe & not for the better. I haven't been able to wear a skirt, a dress, shorts, a swim suit or any other item of clothing that shows my legs. It has destroyed my self esteem, & left me extremely self conscious. It's caused me great depression. I actually dream about my legs being perfect. I'll be walking on the beach, smiling & tan. Upon waking up & opening my eyes & realizing it was just a dream. Reality sets in quickly & the tears just stream down my face. It's a terrible way to start off my day. I've shared this much with anybody whose cared to read this far in case there's someone else out there who feels the same way. That way you'll know you're not alone. Cellulitis has changed the person I was & if I ever do get lucky enough to completely rid my body if it, I'll be forever grateful for that but, I'll never be able to get past or forget the physical excruciating pain it's caused or how badly it has disfigured & discolored my leg. I will always continue covering it up, & NEVER allow ANYONE to see it.
Thank you for sharing your experience of battling cellulitis. When I learn that you have been battling it for almost 12 years, I’m really touched because I know how much courage and strength is needed to face this. I don’t think you are overreacting or being dramatic. It is exactly what you have gone through. And I am very sorry that cellulitis has affected your life so much that for a long time you can’t show your legs in front of others. I understand how cruel that is to a girl. Covering it up is a wise decision because I know that people’s staring, although meant no harm for the most of time, still pain the heart. That’s a necessary way to protect yourself. But it surely doesn’t mean you should feel unconfident or insecure or any negative emotion. You don’t deserve this. And when cellulitis hit, you dealt with it so bravely that any trauma left by it should be the witness of your brevity. I pray for your full recovery.
My left. n right leg .it itches. red N swollen With soars all over ..im taking antibiotic..the soars swells n licks alot..can yu please help me thankyu
Hi, the antibiotics didn't work, you need another type of antibiotics. Please go see a doctor, in this situation, it's uncontrollable with home remedies.