What Are Common Fever Symptoms?

3 Answers

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I just got over a high fever, but during the fever there would be times when I would feel really weird. I don't really know how to explain it but it was almost like I was hallucinating or something. I wasn't seeing things or anything but I guess I was feeling things, and my hearing was like really sensitive too. Can someone explain to me what was happening?
Hello, if your body temperature is high, it may make you confused, like dreaming, and even hear or see something weird. Please don't worry, keep your body temperature normal, and wish you a healthy recovery.
what is it when you have a fever, loss appetite, shaking ,headache, no energy
Hey, when one's having a fever, loss of appetite, shaking, headache, fatigue, these are common symptoms. The problem is what caused the fever, usually it's infection.
What are the symptoms of MDS in simple language. And what can be done about it?
In MDS, the bone marrow can't produce normal and healthy blood cells - red blood cell, white blood cell, Platelets. At the beginning people may feel no symptom at all. Later, they will feel constant tiredness(being lack of enough healthy red blood cell), unusual bleeding(being lack of enough healthy Platelets), bruises or red marks under the skin (again Platelets), short of breath(red blood cell). There are medications to improve the symptoms, but the only proven way to cure MDS is stem cell transplant.