Have You Got Bowel Problems?

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I have a prolapsed rectum my LG intestine will fill 2 hand fills do I need surgery?
you should see a surgeon and consult about the Surgery related matters,including:indication,Contraindication, treatment effect。
Severe constipation , very gassy and after taking a stool softener when she finall does go its sandy and gritty
Severe constipation is somehow related to inflammation. The gritty stool might come from the rich fibers that you've taken to relieve the constipation. It happens when the intestine is in inflammation even if you take lots of fiber you still got constipation. Probiotics can help in such a case.
I have not had a bowel movement in five days. What should I do?
Use glycerin suppositories for quick relief. And moving forward, eat more fruits and veggie.
Inability to pass gas, I have to push hard. Sometimes I bleed after a bowel movement and am sore for hours
This is often related to the function of the digestive system, you may see a GI doctor. In home remedy what helps digestion include physical exercise, dietary fiber and probiotics(home-made yogurt).
I had the same experience years ago, constipation, can't pass gas, hemorrhoids. My doctor asked me to take fiber supplements, probiotics, and hemorrhoids ointments. She said hemorrhoids can be the road block. I am pretty okay now, I still take probiotics and fiber every day.
Bowel not moving freely ,can spine problems have anything to do with it ?
Yes, spinal nerve problems could lead to problems of bowel movements and urination.