What Is a Fever Temperature in Adults?

3 Answers

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My 97 yr young dad keeps having his body temp drop to 92.5 to 94.8. It is happening almost daily. Caregivers add more blankets, put a towel on his head and puts a heater at foot of bed. What is causing this? Why is it keep dropping?
Hypothyroidism can cause this.Functional abnormalities of the hypothalamus, thyroid, and adrenal glands can also cause this.
What if your temperature is 96.2 and you just can't seem to get warm
Hello, how long have you been in this situation? Are there any other symptoms? If it has only recently appeared and there is no other discomfort, it is recommended to observe first and keep warm. If it has been a long time, please go to the hospital to check it out.
Temperature at 97.3 is that normal
Adults can have body temperature lower than 97.7 and that can be totally normal. Your body feeling should be right, if you feel good, it's okay.