Can Polycystic Kidney Disease Result in Liver Disease?

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My daughter, age 50 suffers with this form of PKD. Thankfully, there is no issue with her kidney function yet. Her abdomen is enlarged & causes her difficulty in breathing sometimes & much discomfort. I had PKD, diagnosed at age 40. I had a living doner at age 63 & I am now almost 73. I would like to know more about PKD Liver disease. Thanks.
About half of the patients with polycystic kidney disease found in middle age have polycystic liver disease, about 70% in patient over 60 years older. It is generally believed that its development is slow, and about 10 years later than cystic kidneys. The cyst is made up of a labyrinth of the labyrinth. In addition, cysts can occur in the pancreas and ovaries, and the rate of colonic diverticulum is higher.
As the cyst getting bigger,the normal kidney and liver tissue would get smaller and the normal function would be impaired. Consult with the surgery about transplantation.