How to Cure Cellulitis in Different Cases?

1 Answer

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My son has had cellulitish several times with it  started at the age of 10yrs. he has been hospitalized also. it has come back 4 times since Aug. 2018. I hate he has to take antibiotics He has allergies to sulfa drug so they give him clindamycin, He has seen infestious diseases Dr.No one seems to help . I have been told children don't get it .
Do you have any suggestion???????
Hello Mrs. Marsh, it's complicated, it can be infectious disease.The development of certain infectious diseases can be very hidden.  When you said "no one seems to help", what do you mean? Did the doctor make a diagnosis and order tests for your son? Tests and anti-biotics are necessary. Otherwise, it may develop into life-threatening infectious shock.
There must be a reason for the infection coming back so many times, try better specialists maybe?