What are the treatments for leg cellulitis?

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I've been diagnosed with cellulitis last June. I've been on 3.different rounds.of antibiotics. It just doesn't seem to knock it out. I'm on .y feet as a.caregiver. but I wrap my legs after I shower and by noon time I have to change them and my socks and shoes due to the weeping. Can you please tell me how to stop the weeping. It's terrible. Everything gets wet. It's em arrassing and no one seems to know how to stop it.  I just took 9 days off from. Work to try to stop it. I stood in bed with legs up only got up to go to the bathroom and. I am now on my 8 the day and.the.legs.look like they are healing and I'm on 500 mg keflex. But the weeping has slowed but as soon as I get up and walk around here comes the damn fluid. Please.what can I do to stop this I'm doing everything that can be done for this but after Almost 8 months I'm getting worn out with all this weeping stuff and what I have to pay out for the wraps aloe vera gelsmand.maxi pads is ridiculous. Please.csn you help me.resolve this. Now I have to go back to work Monday and I feel like I'm no better with this . Please help me.  Brenda Garcia
Cellulitis treatment is mainly anti-infective, and if cephalexin is not effective, it is recommended to use more effective antibiotics such as second-generation cephalosporins
Bactrim is working.   Emergency room gave it as alternative to keflex. I used keflex and almost died.  Bacrtrim 20 days.  It's dry now sores gone leg cramps helped by pumpkin seeds. Tons of water with bactrim.
New findings on vitamin b niacin b3. Science news suggested taking it with antibiotic. It works. Niacin opens capilaries to recover circulation increases healing of antibiotic. Great medical article.  3 months from a glass accident in merchant local.
That's very helpful, thank you! Do you think I take B3 every day it can prevent cellulitis、
Hi my boyfriend has cellulitis on his left lower extremities shin it leaks like crazy and he’s in a lot of pain what is B3 and niacin can u buy at cvs or Walgreens
Niacin (Vitamin B3) is nicotinic Acid. Available at Walgreens.
If you have had cellulitis long period of time and meds not working go to emergency you have to be put in the hosp for 3 to 5 days or longer for them to put  IV medications in your bloodstream and monitor you for it to away
I am with Brenda on this I’m so sick of the soaking of clothes and expenses on medical supplies and I’m losing my mind on this infection!!! Been on multiple antibiotics, got one round of iv and then sent home with more keflex! Looks better but not even close to gone!! PLEASE GIVE IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS THAT HAVE WORKED FOR STOPING THE WEEPING OF YELLOW FLUID CONSTANTLY??!!??!! I’m at my wits end I need help and the drs / hospitals don’t seem to care and I’m sitting here dying in pain and discomfort from weeping the itching I feel is outrageously annoying bc of course that will make it spread and worse bc I did that! I have cellulitis from the top of my foot at base of toes up to top of leg right above knee cP with it on front and back of leg!! It’s literally consuming my life!!!! Someone help please!! I’ll forever be grateful and indebted to you!!!! Tia Also, can someone please give insight to how to wrap it or should I let it air dry?? I’ve noticed the pain is MUCH GREATER if it’s out in the open but again with the weeping I want to try to contain it and prevent it from getting all over EVERYTHING!!! Ughhhh it’s got me worn out!! Been way waaaay to long and I want my life and sanity back!!! Please help And thank you very mucho
Desperate cellulitis victim
I am sorry to hear this. A critical critical thing in the treatment of cellulitis is adequate adequate antibiotic use. If the condition is not good, intravenous antibiotics & topical antibiotics should be used, and they should be used for a long time. I really cannot understand why your doctor discharge you so quickly.
Hi, have confidence. You just haven't found the right doctor. In most doctors' perception, cellulite is an easy condition to treat. The problem is that it is very difficult to be cured.  For this, you need to use oral or even intravenous antibiotics, in addition to topical antibiotics to control the infection. You can just leave it dry open. No need to warp it
I was diagnosed with leg Cellulitis, 2 days ago I was given a round of IV antibiotics and sent home with Keflex 500mg and Dixocycline 100 mg.  It does not swell as much but the ankle joint hurts to the point that I am having issues walking.
you should take a X-ray of ankle joint, if you have joint cavity effusion,  intravenous antibiotics should be used.
I was diagnosed with Cellulitis on 2 28 2019. I have been on antibiotics since and the swelling , redness, andere warmth had been going away slowly, but l have a sensation going from the inner knee to ankle it feels like electricity going thru it. Any suggestion???
have you done blood test:(WBC COUNT)、ESR、PCT. Those index can be used to evaluate your inflammatory state. Do you have fever? if you are cconcerned so much, see a doctor for help.
What happens when you have it in your lympnodes?
Hello, you'll then have swollen lymph nodes.
People trying to get answers and you react like that. I hope you are not in the medical field. You are not helping. No bedside manner.
I thought the same thing, heck of a way to answer someone looking for help.
HELLO SMARTASS She is talking about cellulitis spreading to the lymph nodes
Hi,cellulitis generally does not involve the lymph nodes directly. Generally the lymph nodes get swollen in leg cellulitis because the lymphatic vessels in your leg drains the bacteria and inflammation to your groin area, causing a swelling groin. Generally the swelling of the lymph node will decrease or disppear when the leg cellulitis is cured
I got Cellulitis in my right leg. They do not know where it came from NO VISIBLE cuts in the area. I was in the hospital for 4 days taking antibiotics intravenously. Clindamycin and Cephalexin. I was released and now on Doxycycline. It has been 2 1/2 weeks and I feel better and the redness is almost all gone except for a quarter size area that is red and sore to the touch. My leg keeps swelling up and then going down and then swelling up again. Is this normal or WHAT? My leg doesn't hurt and i have not had a fever in a week, but i keep getting headaches and i almost always feel nausea. They also put me on Xarelto blood thinner in case of blood clots.
Hello Alan, the swelling sounds like DVT, deep vein thrombosis. I understand that you've been given blood thinner, but the swelling does sound like DVT to me, especially considering you've been out of exercises for a few weeks. The blood clot haven't blocked the entire vein path, therefore the swelling goes down sometimes. I'll recommend you to call your doctor at your earliest convenience. DVT, at some point, can be life-threatening, but if you treat it early, it's going to be okay.
Hi.  I have been fighting cellulitis in my left foot and leg for a year now. The first time I went to emergency I could barely walk. I was admitted and the first nite there my temp soared to 104. I was moved to ICU and have no memory of anything that happened during that time. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks. Still at the time I was discharged, I was in horrific pain. They sent me home with 10 pain pills. 3 days worth!!  Dr would not refill. Told me to take 4 Advil or Tylenoyl. Anyway they had inserted 2 pic lines while I was out of it. That was so I could do IV antibiotics at home. I did three doses a day and with each dose I felt a little less pain. Till one day my leg swelled up so much I thought it was gonna pop. Back to emergency and admitted again. This time different hospital and my team of Drs included an “Infectious  diseases” Dr. Another 2 week stint. And when I left it was against Dr advice. I couldn’t take it anymore. Not a hospital person. My leg was close to cured but as time went by it slowly went back to swollen red and painful. Oral antibiotics have been prescribed several times but only 10 days supply. Gets it better but never totally gone. Have been in out of hospital several times in last year but I am never mentally ready to stay long. I’ve had some blisters develop on my leg but not all the weeping several of you have described. Now I’m trying to wait covid out as hospitals aren’t allowing any visitors for patients.

My suggestion to all of you suffering with  chronic cellulitis like me is to have yourself admitted to hospital for strong iv antibiotics. Request an  infectious diseases doctor be on your case. 4 or five days won’t work for us.  It takes more. While there have them send a wound specialist attend to the weeping wounds. They are great. Good luck to all who are suffering. It is an awful thing to deal with.

Ps....  regarding the pic lines they put in me for home iv...  I will never ever do that again. After they were removed on my second hospital stay...  I had a blood clot that I felt break free from the spot in my arm where they were. Landed in my neck. Started on blood thinners and had a sonagram a month ago. Thankfully it was dissolved by the Warfarin.  I will never take that chance again  Peace!!
My mom wears comprehension stockings on her legs. She developed cellulitis and we’re not sure if she should still wear the stockings. Any advice would be appreciated.
Hello Sharon, no, people with cellulitis should take off the compression stockings right away.
I found out the hard way with the Nurse wrapping me with compression bandage for Lymphedema and my cellulitis is raging the Dr. put me on Doxycycline but my legs are still weeping and red.  will see the Dr. tomorrow and see what else I can take or do this is very frustrating. I was told that I should be wearing Tubigrip stockings by a friend who has the same DX but am afraid to do anything.
When I was diagnosed with Cellulitis, the nurse practitioner was adamant No compression socks!
My neighbor has it. If I were to use coconut oil tea tree whatever on her leg should I wrap it. She will not keep her hands off of it
Hello Lisa, if it's a small spot, it's okay to apply tea tree oil and leave it expose in the air. However, tea tree oil doesn't always work on cellulitis, if the spot becomes bigger, antibiotics has to be applied. The earlier the prescription is applied, the sooner your neighbor will recover. And you're right, she should keep her hands off it.
They said I have cellulitis in my right leg and it has been over a year, well I just got another infection in it again and this time the infection started on the other side of my leg not where they removed the cyst. I have asked the doctors why my leg stays hard in the back and now the hardness has moved up farther and and the swelling also. I also asked why the pain goes away in my hips and bones when I'm given IV in the hospital but after done a couple days later the pain I back.
Hello Lisa, when you were given IV, the infection was controlled and the swelling went down, that relieved the compression to the nerves(the swelling compressed your nerves), then you feel relieved in pain. When the pain comes back, it may indicate the compression comes back. Possibly the infection is back.
I have to wear strong hose to my hip from lumped is caused by surgery I have an infection. Should I not wear hose an for how long
Hi Sandra, I'll recommend that you follow your primary doctor's advice on this.
Hi My husband has had swollen ankkes Going on 2 weeks .he did go to the doctor they said he has beggiing stages of gout . But now his legs are swelling up and harder to walk and his hans are swelling too . He is in pain
Hello, gout is painful but it's not a big health problem. Did your doctor give Rx? There're meds working well for gout. Diet will be another factor, you'd got to prepare low purine foods.