What Are the Signs of Cellulitis Healing?

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Never ever pick a piece of lose skin on your foot. Take it from this dummy! Always consult a doctor on how you should go about it. Now I’m six days into this personal hell. If only I had a brain! lol.
Gosh, I can feel the pain even only think about it. Disinfect the spot with iodine based sanitizer, it kills yeast and bacteria, effective and barely irritating.
What does curve the pain for cellulitis
Antibiotics are the main treatment for cellulitis. In the meantime, you should also elevate your legs to decrease the swelling. For temporary pain relief, ibuprofen can be taken.
Does it itch while healing? I've been on doxy for 4 days. Swelling and pain are gone but itching like crazy
Yes. Itch is a natural part of wound healing. Wait and it will be fine.
The skin starts flaking off, like after a sunburn. Itches something awful. Coconut oil helped me get thru that phase.