Can I See Some Pictures of Cellulitis Infection?

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Can u get cellulitis on the top of your head ?
I have 2 large squishy spots. One on top and the other connected to that down the right side to my ear. Pretty puffed out. Now starting to cause headaches.
No. Biopsy of cellulitis would yield no additional information. I think in your case, the possibility of necrotizing fasciitis could not be definitively excluded.
I was treated with cellulitis  july 31, was around my eye ,face ,hot swollen,  giving 14 days antibotics,  came back again, another round of antibotics,  It's back ,left side of my face aging ,icy ,hot ,tight, now what??? I need advise
Check for Nucrois Facitis. That is supposed to be dead skin where there isn't blood flow. Fooled me cause mine is back. Also read Web MD regarding Facitis. And no antibiotics are helping me either.
If it is cellulitis, you need to use antibiotics. It is not a surprise. Cellulitis is notorious for recurring.
I’m sorry to hear that. You’d better ask a doc for advice. I got cellulitis on my jaw. I tried Herbalife Celluloss and it worked for me in combination with lots of water and two times to the sauna a week. A healthy diet that contains fruit, vegetables and whole grains, low in sugar and fat might help u as well.
Does exercise helps to prevent reocurrence?
I'm afraid not.
can I get cellulitis from   oher people and what cause this?  it very painful and I have been to the doctor
No you cannot get from other people. I was admitted to the hospital due to location of cellulitis. Antibiotics were given intravenously for 4 days. As to the cause don't know, but mine has reached exact location again.
Cellulitis isn't usually spread from person to person. Cellulitis is an infection of the deeper layers of the skin most commonly caused by bacteria that normally live on the skin's surface. You have an increased risk of developing cellulitis if you have an injury, such as a cut, fracture, burn or scrape.
I took my son in to the see a doctor..its in lower left lip..the doctor prescribed him medicine..does it swell up more after takin a pill he has tooken only two so far..and he's in long before medicine kicks in and starts working..they never gave him pain meds..hate seeing him suffer..
Dear, I understand your love for your son. I don't fully understand what you want to ask. I guess, you want to ask how long does the drug work? The onset time of each drug is different. I suggest you take a look at the instructions. In addition, the drug is only effective, there is a saying that good medicine is good for the disease. I wish a speedy recovery.
Can there be shooting pain after the antibiotics are over. The pain is not all the time just occasional. There was no pain prior to the treatment!
Hello, local red, swelling, fever and pain are the initial symptoms of all inflammation. Cellulitis begins to show local burning sensation and tenderness, local edema and erythema. At the same time, there will be fever, chills, general fatigue, headache or joint pain, etc., blood tests, white blood cells in the blood will rise significantly. If not treated immediately, when lymphadenopathy occurs, it means that bacteria have invaded the blood, and even cause sepsis and death. When bacteria cause severe inflammation, the wound may not be found, or the bacteria may migrate to other parts instead of inflammation at the original wound.
therapeutic method
1. Antibiotic treatment: When inflammation is not serious, only antibiotic treatment, topical application or oral medicine are usually needed.
2. When the wound has formed abscess, surgical incision and drainage and wound expansion are necessary.
What is sepsis? I may have this on my hand,in between my ring finger and middle finger. Hurts badly
Sepsis is a very serious condition. It happens when your body has an overwhelming immune response to a bacterial infection. The chemicals released into the blood to fight the infection trigger widespread inflammation. This leads to blood clots and leaky blood vessels. In severe cases, one or more organs fail. I don't think that's what your're having. What are your symptoms exactly? Are you diagnosed with cellulitis already?
can you get cellulitis in the botton of your stomach
Hello. Yes, cellulitis can occur at the bottom of the stomach.
Can you get it in your feet
Yes,foot cellulitis.
Can you get it in the eye
I have had four outbreaks of cellulitis scalp, i am In a lot of pain right now. Throbbing pain driving me crazy, I hurt so bad, this is the second day, infection, one size of a little finger nail, about five towards my neck. Have to see dermatologist tomorrow if she can see me or go to the ER. Damn cancer is causing this! I really don't want o be looked at, she will squeeze them and I will cry!
Hi, my name teri. I was reading your statement here and it's helped me quite a bit. I was just seen Sunday in the E.R. Had no idea what I have? Started with a bug bite, too of arm, near elbow. Became excessively itchy so much so I hafta put ice, taking allergy pills(benadryl), sprays, like for bites, etc. Anything to relieve the incessant itch! Then I started getting more sores going down arm towards wrist. Still not know what s happening, trying triple antibiotics and a prescription creams for rashes, etc. So, several inches above wrist i notice a bump, kind of small to medium, under skin? Now I'm thinking all kinds weird stuff, skin eating disease, parasites, even impintigo. So I say to myself, Self, if this is a parasite I'm going to squeeze this bump an kill it? Very painful or so I thought until the next day when I find a much, much larger bump, hard as a golfball, arm, even in other side where no wounds is all red? So now I have all these symptoms an with all I tried, the sores seem a lil smaller but no
It's the right thing to do to see a dermatologist.
sounds like something i got after being scratched by a big dog ,,,SCABIES <>>>,you need to see a doctor or the go to the ER....SCABIES is a parasite !! you cant squish them because they are TINY TINY !!you have to get a lotion from the drug store to poison them!!!
Karen. Ugh, Scabies. I got that in the military. Had to you an ointment over my entire body, and wash everything piece clothing, bed sheets...etc as well as had to take mattresses of my bunk bed and put them outside in the sun. Took about 10days to 2 weeks to get that cleared up. That was back in the mid 70's. Horrible. Haven't thought about it since until I read your comment.
Can this be contagious? I see this often in my job and I'm afraid I could have contacted cellulitis from someone else. I'm mostly concerned with new people that move in and we haven't a clue what existing problems they have and then we find out they have something contagious. I hurt my elbow pushing a cart and can't seem to get it healed and have arthritis like pain all over and now having reddened area near my elbow. Looked like I had a bug bite on elbow and it itched. Thought elbow was getting better because it itched. Now, no itch small reddened area and a lot of joint pain in elbow still with red irritation to skin.
Hi Sue, cellulitis is generally considered not contagious, it doesn't spread person to person. When bacteria go into a wound, cellulitis can occur. If you have redness and pain on the wound of elbow and it doesn't heal for long time, you may try to disinfect the area, that'll speed up the healing.
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M6 boyfriend had to go to the ER not long ago.. He had some strange knot develops near his growing on the right upper thigh, in or around the lymphnoid.. Docs say it could be Celulitis infection, its the size of a gulf ball and very well painful to the touch and difficult to walk, can you explain if this sounds like Celulitis infection and if so, can surgery be an option?
woke up with swelling in the back of my leg it was tight and felt like a hard mass about 3 inches wide and 6 inches long also back left feelin the same
Do you have a fever and do you have a primary disease? I could hardly think of a disease that causes both leg and back swelling. Do you have kidney diseases, such as nephrotic syndrome?

My husband has gotten cellultis we his legs swelled so bad they busted he was in hospital for week an then comes home an it looks like you poured battery asSid on his legs he's on 875 milligiams of an antibiotics twice a day anyone have any suggestions I can try.

Cellulitis treatment usually includes prescribed oral antibiotics. Within three days of starting an antibiotic, let your doctor know whether the infection is responding to the treatment. You'll need to take the antibiotic for as long as your doctor directs, usually five to 10 days but possibly as long as 14 days.

In most cases, signs and symptoms of cellulitis disappear after a few days. You may need to be hospitalized and receive antibiotics through your veins (intravenously) if:

Signs and symptoms don't respond to oral antibiotics
Signs and symptoms are extensive
You have a high fever

Usually, doctors prescribe a drug that's effective against both streptococci and staphylococci. It's important that you take the medication as directed and finish the entire course of medication, even after you feel better.

Try these steps to help ease any pain and swelling:

Place a cool, damp cloth on the affected area as often as needed for your comfort.
Ask your doctor to suggest an over-the-counter pain medication to treat pain.
Elevate the affected part of your body.
Ask your doctor whether it might help to wear compression wraps or stockings.