What is a Blood Pressure Normal Chart?

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I'm a 68 yr. old woman and have always had low blood pressure.
Today it was 97/40.  I was at the Dr. Office just to get my blood checked before my physical in two weeks.
I've had lots of dizziness and headaches lately.   Could the low pressure be the cause?
The low pressure may be the cause.I also suggest you to go to the hospital for a brain CT examination to excluded brain disease.
I have 114/53 some time go up sometimelow
Your diastolic BP is slightly low. Nothing wrong if BP fluctuates within the normal range (90/60 - 140/90). Do you feel dizzy?
Is 55 to low for the blood pressure bottom number?
yes, it's kind low bottom. if you don't feel uncomfortable, it's ok.
my blood pressure is 114/53 going down evryday
Do you feel tired or uncomfortable? If so, I think you should check the reasons for it. Do you have anemia?
My husband blacked out the met said his blood pressure was 97. While in er it was up to 172.  They sent him home and told him to see his dr tomorrow he had just spent 3 day in hospital with low sodium son ops and high blood pressure
how is his blood pressure uaually. sudden high blood pressure, Aortic dissection should be considered. if chest X-RAY says nothing, see your Dr and take drugs, it will get better. don't worry.
54. Women 150/116/71 second check 159/108/80. Learning what's normal check
Hi, your BP is high, you'll need to see a cardiologist. Before that, try to reduce your daily sodium intake.
The blood pressure measurement methods include direct measurement method and indirect measurement method: 1 The direct measurement method is a long catheter in which an anticoagulant is dissolved, and the catheter is delivered to the aorta by percutaneous puncture, and the catheter is connected with a pressure sensor to directly display blood pressure. This Act is an invasive approach and is only applicable to certain special circumstances. 2 Indirect measurement method, that is, cuff compression method, measured with a sphygmomanometer. The sphygmomanometer has a mercury column, spring type and electronic sphygmomanometer. The indirect measurement method is simple and easy to implement, and is currently widely used in clinical practice.
1. Measurement method (cuff press method)
(1) The radial artery is at the same level as the heart. In the supine position, the middle line is flat, and the fourth rib is flat when sitting.
(2) Roll up the sleeves, expose the arms, straighten the elbows, and palm up.
(3) Turn on the sphygmomanometer, stabilize it vertically, and open the mercury tank switch.
(4) In addition to the air inside the cuff, the cuff is wrapped around the middle of the upper arm, and the lower edge is 2 to 3 cm from the elbow, so that one finger can be inserted as a tight fit.
(5) Touch the radial artery pulsation, place the stethoscope head on the obvious beat, fix it by hand, gently pressurize, close the valve, inflate to the iliac artery and disappear and then increase 20~30mmHg.
(6) Slowly deflate, the speed is lowered by 4mmHg/sec in the mercury column, pay attention to the change of the mercury column scale and the radial artery sound.
(7) When the first pulsation sound of the stethoscope appears, the scale indicated by the mercury column is the systolic pressure. When the pulsation sound suddenly becomes weak or disappears, the scale indicated by the mercury column is the diastolic pressure.
(8) After the measurement is completed, drain the cuffs, tighten the screw cap on the valve, untie
I’m a female.My age is 60 years old .My blood pressure is like 114/78 What can I do to make it normal without seeing a doctor.I have no health insurance.
Hello Theresa, blood pressure 114/78 is normal and good.
Greetings Im Simon,a male of 44 years and if i remember well,the last time i checked my bp was 113/80. Can I regard it as normal?
Yes, it's normal. Generally, BP around 120/80 is considered normal.
My blood pressure is 100 over 70 pulse rate 85,..I am 59 year old male..am I normal?
Hello, 100/70 is normal. 90-120/60-80 is ideal blood pressure. Pulse 85 is normal too but you seem not exercise a lot ... You can benefit from doing some exercises.
I am an 85 yr. old female and my blood pressure is 144 over 75. Is that normal !
Hello, for your age, 144/75 is okay. You may discuss with your primary doctor about taking some BP meds.
My blood pressure is 149 over75 after taking my blood pressure medication should I be re-evaluated by my doctor.
Yes, it's necessary to re-evaluate, since 149/75 isn't an ideal reading after taking BP meds.
Is 149 over 85 high
Yes...It's high blood pressure stage 1.
I'm a 69 yr old female my blood pressure reading has been 121/61, should I be concern?
Pretty good for your age. Try do some exercises every day and take fruits/veggie rich of antioxidants, because the difference between the top number and bottom number is a bit big it may mean the blood vessel is gradually losing its elasticity. Antioxidants are good to the blood vessel.
The BP reading 121/61 is normal.