What Is Valley Fever?

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Valley fever.  Cured by staying on Kaufman diet for. A year or more. Starve out fungus then Binders and colon cleanse.  Starve Bind Cleanse.  Why take dangerous antifungal when your feeding the fungus.  Stop feeding. It totally and no need for antifungal.  Major results after 5 days on Doug Kaufman d let. No dairy no carbs Absoultly no sugar.  Diabetics do worst wth valley fever because of sugar addictions a n d disorders.  Right diet versus kidney harming drugs.  Cheaper too
Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a viral disease that can cause mild to severe symptoms.The mild symptoms may include: fever, muscle pains, and headaches which often last for up to a week. The severe symptoms may include: loss of sight beginning three weeks after the infection, infections of the brain causing severe headaches and confusion, and bleeding together with liver problems which may occur within the first few days. Those who have bleeding have a chance of death as high as 50%.Potentially, establishing environmental monitoring and case surveillance systems may aid in the prediction and control of future RVF outbreaks
Why so much fluid in lungs?
It is called pleural effusions. There are so many causes of it. For instance, various causes of pulmonary infections (pneumonia) could cause pleural effsuions. Lung cancer would also cause it. Other conditions, such as kidney problems or heart failure would also cause this.
Can valley fever reoccure after a few years.
Hello Ken, for people with weak immune, it's possible to get infected again.