What Is Bowel Endometriosis?

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I'm having painful, sometimes blood soaked bowel movements.  I have primary biliary cirrhosis and a history of ischemic colitis.  I'm always weak.
i am sorry to hear from your problem.
they are all very treaky. listen to your doctor, and don't take drugs without your doctor's permission.
Couldn’t you please give this person more info on her condition? (Mrs. Cheryl-Nunez) I Have a  simular problem.
The ischemic colitis may be caused by superior mesenteric atherosclerosis. This condition would also cause abdominal pain and abnormal bowel movements. See a gastroenterologist.
I'm sorry for your pain.  I've recently discovered that my mate was replaced by a twin face because a plane then car insurance company.  In doing so, the man they put in his place was too large and damaged my uterus size and weakened the wall of my bowel on the outside.  the extra size friction caused bleeding.  I used hot pads to decrease the bleeding and stop the bleeding.  I finally found pictures were missing and wised up.  my bad. I also found out that when I had my tubes tied in 1981 that a vet assisted in preparing the surgery to use a divertion system because of a catholic member of the family.  the system would exchange the monthly flow to the anal area to expel the function. either way, too much loss of blood made me weak.  I upped my protein.  I suggest liver browned  and simmered once or twice a month.  season to taste.  1700 grams of protein and very high on protection to replace blood development loss by too much blood loss.  good luck.