What Is High Blood Pressure?

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My blood pressure was 178/106. Is this stroke level?
it’s very high, it could cause stroke, you should see a doctor and get drugs. besides, build a healthy life style is very important.
My blood pressure was 159/104 is that too high and do I need to seek medical attention immidetrly
it's beyond the normal leve(140/90mmHg)l. But, one-time number can't give you diagnosis. You should measure BP at 3 times in 3 different days. If they are all above normal level ,then you should see a cardiologist.
If I reduce my caffeine consumption including lots of chocolate and coffee will this help lower my blood pressure?
Some people are sensitive to caffeine, others are less sensitive. Unlike cutting sodium, which benefits almost everyone in lowering BP. You can test your BP sensitivity to your coffee. Take BP before drinking and record, then drink the coffee, and take BP once again in 30 minutes. If your BP raises 5 to 10 points, then you're sensitive.