What Are Symptoms of High Blood Pressure?

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My blood pressure is running 172/90 heart rate at 72. What should I do. I'm not three blood pressure meds.
you should take drugs, go to a cardiologist and get treated
I have a severe headache and I am having blurred vision and my heard is racing super fast. I am dizzy and confused feeling my neck and ears are burning what could this be can't breathe good
How long has this symptom lasted? Is it getting worse? You need to do a head CT or MRI. I suggest you go to the hospital.
Severe headache all of a sudden BP 167/94 face got really flushed
you should have a 24h blood pressure monitoring test. and try to figure out the reason and have blood test to exclude secondary hypertension.
I am on medicine for hbp and high cholesterol - last night I woke up with some difficulty breathing. My bo was 175/80 now 159/70. Should I call the dr.?
Yes, you should call the Dr. Every time I feel discomfort in my heart I call him. If it's other organs I can wait, but for heart, I'm always very cautious.
how is your blood pressure at usual times? if it's always this high and higher in the night , it means your blood pressure is not under good control.
My blood pressure is running at 220 /123 what should I do
you should take anti-hypertension drugs at hand and go to the ER ASAP. After this , you should see a cardiologist and get a regular treatment plan.
Plan your funeral if you don't see a doctor immediately.
Can MSG cause BP to spike suddenly?
Hello, among the known causes, genetic and environmental factors can lead to hypertension. Lifestyle factors that help lower blood pressure include reducing salt intake in the diet, eating more fruits and low-fat products, exercising, losing weight and drinking less alcoholic beverages. Other factors that may contribute to hypertension, such as stress, caffeine intake, and insulin resistance, which is common in obesity, are also thought to contribute to the deterioration of hypertension. Recent studies have also pointed out that early childhood events (such as low birth weight, smoking during pregnancy, high PM2.5 exposure [36] and lack of breast-feeding) are risk factors for adult essential hypertension. However, MSG has not been shown to be directly related to hypertension.
I just wanted to know a yes or no question. If your blood pressure is 170 over 99 if that's too high yes or no why do you guys not have no yes or no questions on here make it simple
170/90 is too high, numbers higher than 140/90 is considered high blood pressure and needs treatment.
Mine today was 170 / 90 also. I started getting nose bleeds Yesterday, one episode today. I called my Doctor and have Appointment tomorrow.
For high blood pressure, you should see a doctor first. Your doctor may recommend you take Nifedipine and other antihypertensive drugs to control it. For nose bleeds, you can put cotton balls in your nose to compress the bleeding area.
My pressure is 127/92 and i have a poundin in my ear with headaches
Hi, the diastolic is over 90, it's one of the possbile causes to the headache. My suggestion - try to lower the BP to normal range, i.e. the bottom number below 90. If the headache and pounding ear don't disappear at a normal BP, you go see an otolaryngologist.
My BP is 203/113 it stays high I have been on BP meds and have changed my diet
The BP is super high, please call your doctor, you'll need some new/other BP meds.
I missed my blood pressure pill for 2 days and started back on the 3rd day. The 4th day my right eye was blood shot red. Is this normal or cause for concern? My BP is regulated now but it felt it may have been high on the 3rd day when I started my meds.
Hello Mr. Smith, when your BP was high, the pressure caused damage to the blood vessel in the eyes, this can lead to bleeding, that's why your right eye looks so red. Damage to eye blood vessel is a common complication of high BP. Such damage can be very serious sometimes, ideally you need to get evaluated by an eye doctor. If you notice blurred vision, you'll have to get medical support asap, since it can lead to loss of vision.