Blood Calcium & PTH Relationship

2 Answers

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I just had a hypocalcemic seziure last Thursday. I'm trying to figure out how bad it really was. I was told my calcium level was at like a high 2 maybe low 3. I guess they were amazed I walked into the emergency room by my own power at that point.
it's dangerous, try to get normal medication to prevent hypocalcemic seziure.
What about when calcium levels are high ((low to mid 10’s) and the PTH is in the normal tange, (low 50’s) ? This finding is not included in your graph.
Hello Shirley, when PTH is normal, it means the parathyroid glands are responding properly. Then the cause of high calcium is non-parathyroid related. Your doctor may need to order other tests to find out the cause of high calcium. It might be over intake of calcium, or bone destruction, or others.
my pth is 12 but calcium is 10.3 - what does this mean
Although values differ with different institutions, the average parathyroid hormone (PTH) Level ranges between 10 and 65 pg/ml. While normal blood calcium levels differ slightly from lab to lab, they usually range between 8.5 and 10.5 mg/dL (milligrams of calcium per deciliter of blood). It seems that your parameters are within normal range