What Is Carotid Artery Stenosis?

6 Answers

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I had a corroded fistulia in my head about 10 years ago. My doctor put coils in my head. I am having systoms again. Can this happen again? I would love to know. Thank you.
The probability of recurrence is small, you may need to do a head CT or MRI.
Can a doc clean out the carotid artery (blocked) in the left area of neck and who can I see? Was ignored by cardio dr already years ago.
Artery sclerosis is normal in elderly. If the carotid artery is not significantly narrowed, oral medication can be useful, drugs like statin and Asprin. The drug should be used under the guidance of a doctor.
Why is smoking listed first on the list above.I've had left side operatied on 1 year later it is40%blocked and 60% on right side.what are my chance if having another stroke if I don't stop smoking????
It's possible. You should quit smoking. you atery in the heart can also  be implicated. then you can have heart attack.,which is life-threatening.
Would surgery be required if a sonogram showed a blood clot in a carotid artery? Someone I know said they had surgery for this but the clot was not located so he was stitched back up and released later.
Yes, I heard a similar case, said they didn't find the blood clot so the patient stayed in hospital for a few days and then went out. Money was spent, nothing was found.
I was recently told I have 100 percent blocked left artery. I’m having vision swelling issues & pressure headaches on left side . I s it best to leave this blocked artery alone?
Isn't surgery an option? I think so.
Why would anyone ignore 100% carotid blockage??? You will have a stroke! Didn't Dr put you on  aspirin or meds or talk about stint?
Interesting, what made you think so? Because the right one is totally unblocked?

I'm curious, did your Dr. tell you how much risk this 100% blocked carotid artery can bring you? It can cause insufficient blood supply to the head and it can lead to a stroke, which is life-threatening.

I guess there's a financial problem??

Hey, let me tell you, living with debts is better than dying with no debts.
I was told the same thing.how are you doing .it was my. Right side and it's  100 blocked I lost a lot of my vision from this
I don't know about details but in some cases, after a long time of blockage of the artery, other peripheral small arteries grow to supply the blood. Besides you have few symptom of ischemia, that proves the establishment of peripheral small arteries circulation. Vision swelling issues and pressure headaches could be signs of hypertension.
Left artery? Do u know the name of the blocked artery? Carotid was usually the first to get clogged (from cholesterol buildup ). To re-open the artery that has been discontinued has 42% death risk with plenty of complications. Did the Dr. tell you about the collateral circulation condition? Keeping risk factors under control might be the only option.
I have a 100 per. Cent blockage in my left caroitid artery .We feel small veins are now established but I have some vision problem in the left eye and hearing problems ,some pain in the left ear also.  Is this related?
It's possbible they are ralated. You shoud check out the atery inside the brain. If the artery inside the brain is Ok, May be a stent is needed  in the left caroitid atery. See doctor ASAP.
I was told I had almost complete blockage in my right subclavian w/ retrograde vertebral flow and 65 percent blockage in carotid artery..it’s been two weeks since I was told that I was being referred to a doctor for surgery and haven’t heard back from them,I called to see why I hadn’t gotten my appointment yet and they said it takes a while...is this something I should worry about?