What Is Cervical Spinal Stenosis?

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I have been diagnosed with cervical spine stenosis myelopathy.  My neurosurgeon recommends surgery at the base of my neck directly under my skull I guess it’s C0-C2.  It has been explained to me that the narrowing containing  my nerves is pressing on my spinal cord so surgery is required to open up the narrowing.  I do not have any pain in my neck it is primarily affecting both arms and hands with very strong numbness. This condition has caused increase my blood pressure medication.  I would like to try other remedies  that may work to release or relieve the pressure of this numbness before having the surgery. Any suggestions?  Would be gratefully appreciated .
there is no better way. The best way is to have the surgery ASAP. Drugs won't  help very much.Mecobalamin and vitamin B12 may help.
The last few years I have been able to be quite comfortable with epidural injections. Was Prince a long-standing steroids in the base of your neck the last series of epidurals I got lasted 2 years. Unfortunately I think those options are no longer going to help me any longer. I just got 1 epidural with no relief at all. Considering surgery now because I will not take pain medicine for something I will have the rest of my life
Patricia's case is very reasonable, cuz cervical stenosis with myelopathy tends to get worse slowly over time, and most cases require an operation. There are 2 types of surgeries for it, anterior cervical decompression and fusion and posterior cervical decompression.
Me, dizzy, back pain from time to time, feel kind of unbalanced when walking, had MRI done the report says degeneration of Cx-Cy, I don't remember exactly. I'm doing exercise every day, dance, plank, streghth training, yoga, hope to knock it out. Do I have a chance? The Orthopedist said it's not serious enough now, we'll watch it. How is that gonna help me?
Excercises have some positive effect on cervical spinal stenosis. But you should perform these excercises under the guidance of a physical therapist. A physical therapist teaches you exercises to help improve movement and strength, and to decrease pain. An occupational therapist teaches you skills to help with your daily activities.
I have always read that infusing the spine makes everything worse in the long run. Ends up with more surgery’s and mora disability later I. Another area.
Is this so?
Hi,vertebral fusion is usually used when the stability of the spine is destroyed or orthopaedic surgery is needed. Internal fixation is necessary. Therefore, it is essential to satisfy the surgical indications for the success of surgery. For example, fusion is not necessary for patients with simple disc herniation. The clinical outcome of fusion surgery depends not only on medical technology but also on social, psychological and environmental factors. Every patient should be fully prepared before operation. Successful surgery and solid fusion do not necessarily achieve satisfactory clinical results, on the contrary, the formation of the artificial joint after surgery does not necessarily indicate the failure of the operation, the specific situation needs to be analyzed.
I read this week, that fusions, etc. are something to run from..saw place that flies you to their facility, where they replace the disk or bone. Said you won't have pain and problems left by fusions.
It's in the Caymon Islands.
I would talk to a doctor. It really depends. I have severe cervical stenosis with spinal cord injury. I had surgery to fix it but am left with pain in arms, hands and legs. I have a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my spine. I can exercise. I can dance. I am a serious recreational dancer. I have the go ahead from my doctors I can exercise and dance.
Has your stimulator worked well enough that you don't need surgery. I've already had several fusions done. Now spinal stenosis is causing a lot of nerve pain which is preventing me from doing almost anything. I do have a pain pump in me, but it doesn't help the nerve problems. I would appreciate and welcome your input.
can this be treated with lases surgery
It depends, laser surgery can handle some cases.
My son is 34. He has narrowing of the nerves in the cervical spine. He is not able to walk without a walker right now. He said his legs feel “old” but has pain. Has no pain in neck. Have seen 3 specialists ( neurologists t and done mri showing the compression in C2 and T2 levels. They want to do surgery to relieve the compression on those 2 areas. I have heard the after surgery stories in which patients are in pain in neck for months and wear a neck brace and do physical therapy. Please help with suggestions and what to consider doing for him. Will it get worse to the point he can’t walk anymore?
I understand this could be a tough decision, Mrs. Scalia. I've heard people talk about failed surgeries. I understand this surgery scares you.
The symptom may not get worse in a long time but he can't walk normally it basically means he can't have a normal life. Surgery is still the No. 1 option. The post-surgery pain and physical therapy are real, but it's heading to the good side. When he recovers, he can live a better life.
Can you excersiz with cervical stenosis
All the exercises you do can't involve the cervical spine.
I believe I have spinal stenosis, but have been misdiagosed as neuropathy due to a buldged disc and one arthrtitic disc. The doctor said he knew I had neuopathy before even seeing an MRI. Two doctors at the OPI place said my two disc issues weren’t bad enough for the problems I have. The one even implied the original doctor was wrong but they worked at the same place so he wouldn’t do anything. I’ve had steroid injections which work some what for a day or two then the pain comes back. I can no longer afford an injection that works so poorly. So I’ve been using tramadol and gabepenten 800mg to control the pain but my body is getting used to those meds and eventually they wont work unless I take higher amounts and I can’t or won’t do that. Why I think its stenosis - my mom had it with the same symptoms I have. Which are: biggest problem is nerve pain, extreme numbness, bladder and bowel issues and painful skin sensations. My skin hurts on my feet and is why I take pain meds the. I live in PA - can y
See other doctors, get second opinion.
What if all the doctors are corrupt at Beaufort memorial hospital and won’t allow me to get a second opinion? I’ve been diagnosed with KFD c-2 and 3 are fused and c4 and 5 are fused with narrowing and compression, and hospital refuses to treat symptoms
KFS Klippel-Feil Syndrome*****
I have set up appointments with neurologist in other counties to get a second opinion and I always get a call back saying my doctor called and had them cancel my appointment
Change the hospitals. Change the countries.