What is lumbar spinal stenosis?

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Why is Acupuncture not listed as a treatment fir spinal stenosis?  I have sever stenosis in lower lumbar vertibra at L-2-3-4-5 with demobilisation and sever pain. Pain medications did not help! After just 4 elecrtoacupuncture treatments I realized a significant relief from the pain and much in proved mobility. I took it upon myself to pay for a package of 15 treatments which my Medicare or AARP-UHC insurance will not cover. However the VA Administration dose cover the cost after they tried it for 3 months. Why won't Medicare cover it?????
Does acupuncture actually work? I also have stenosis and my back is in so much pain. Where did you get the acupuncture done?
What. Exactly. Is electro acupuncture?
Is it helpful For Lumbar  spinal Stenosis?
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It works for most people. And it has no side effects.You can try.
Accupuncture works for spinal stenosis. I had neck pain and tingling and numbness in my arm and hand. After 2 sessions I am getting relief.
Because it does not work.
Chinese medicine has been around for many thousands of years. Acupuncture is the main treatment that is used for many conditions. Acupuncture CAN work and has for me for the treatment of many conditions. I have used it mainly for reduction of pain throughout my body, and it does work when done by an experienced doctor. It usually takes more than 1 treatment for pain reduction but it DOES work.
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I have lumbar spinal stenosis. Went to a neurologist, said can't see any reason for surgery. Always in pain. Can only have injections 4 a year, they last 3 weeks
I think you should listen to your neurologist , and regular treatment ,see if it's getting better.
I tried acupuncture as a last resort never believed in them ,But was surprised it actually helped alot
I have had degenerative disk disease, diagnosed 37 years ago, and the stenosis has advanced to Nerophaphy in my hands and feet so intense I cannot sleep much. Every 3rd night I sleep for 2-4 hours. I tried regular acupuncture that gave me no results or relief from pain. Steroid injections last for 6-8 weeks and rotation is from my neck or lumbar every 3 months. So I get about 12-16 weeks relief a year for each area. The injections don’t always help. Pain pills don’t help me with the nerve pain. I haven’t heard of this kind but am desperate so I am willing to try just about anything at this point. I live out in the gorge and don’t travel well, very painful. I will have to see if it is available locally and of course it will not be covered by Medicare or Medicade. I have to use my widow pay to cover my caregiver’s wages and I get $15 a month for food stamps. And my doctor wonders why I lost 70 lbs in 6 months. Not hungry I am in so much pain and not much to eat. The system doesn’t care.
I am sorry to hear your story. It seems that the degenerative disease is so severe that conservative methods just failed to work. It seems that only surgery would relieve your pain.
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I have a rotated disc
Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) may refer to one or more of the following anatomical states:

●Intraspinal (central) stenosis

● Lateral recess stenosis

● nerve root hole stenosis
The cause of LSS can be congenital or acquired.

Spinal degeneration (Spondylosis, manifested as rigidity or stiffness) or degenerative arthritis affecting the spine is the most common cause of LSS, usually involving individuals over 60 years of age. Obesity can also be a risk factor. Progressive disc degeneration, trauma, or other factors caused by aging can cause disc herniation and/or decreased disc height and consequent increased load on the posterior vertebral structures, including the facet joints. Articular joint disease and osteophyte formation followed by hypertrophy of the ligamentum flavum. All of these pathological processes (osteoarticular osteophytes, ligamentum flavum, and intervertebral disc bulging) can invade the central spinal canal and nerve root canal.

Spondylolisthesis, that is, a vertebral body moving forward or backward relative to another adjacent vertebral body, may also occur, causing the spinal stenosis to worsen. The L4-5 segment is most often involved, followed by L5-S1 and L3-4. In patients with lumbar stenosis, degenerative changes can affect the isthmus of the vertebral arch, leading to instability of the lumbar spine, resulting in fractures and vertebral body displacement.

Other acquired causes include:

● Space-occupying lesions (lipoma, synovial cysts and neurocysts, tumors).
● Traumatic and postoperative factors (fibrosis).

● Skeletal disease (Paget's disease, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and diffuse idiopathic bone hypertrophy).
The congenital and developmental causes of LSS include the following:

● Dwarfism (chondral hypoplasia, Morquio syndrome, other vertebral dysplasia).

● Insufficiency of the spinal canal (spinal fissure, spondylolisthesis, spinal meningocele).

- Neurogenic (or pseudo) claudication is a hallmark of LSS, which increa
What. Exactly. Is electro acupuncture?
Is it helpful For Lumbar  spinal Stenosis?
You know the ancient Asians, like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, they use a needle to penetrate into skin to cure diseases,the place to needle is special, when the needle goes in, there's no blood coming out. They needle different sites for different diseases. It's called acupuncture. Electric acupuncture is to use an electric pen to replace the needle, and touch the skin in the right place. Nowadays few people actually use acupuncture to cure diseases but some people with huge pain that can't even feel relieved after taking pain pills feel acupuncture helps managing the pain.
I was diagnosed with lower lumbar radiculopathy...my legs have burning and numbness pain. Is there anything I can do for this?
Hello, you may try Acupuncture, it's a useful way in treating pain. It's important to choose a good practitioner thought. Make sure you understand the practitioner's training and credentials. Most states require that nonphysician acupuncturists pass an exam conducted by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
I have had two failed surgeries where the apparatus was left in not in place. Since the apparatus is scattered can I still have acupuncture?
It depends on the location of the apparatus. Probably an X-ray is needed.
What if you are inoperable? I may have a fascial biopsy next week. What do I expect during the biopsy and what does it diagnose?
hi, the purpose of fascia biopsy is to identify the cause to the stenosis.
There is no cure. Any therapy offered is only a money making venture by the doctor. Snake oil syndrome.
but therapy really helps, or you'll just have to live in pain

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What does the pain therapist do to help releave pain?
Physical therapy interventions treat pain in a number of ways. They can strengthen muscles and joints and help you learn to move and perform daily activities in ways that don't aggravate old injuries or put you at risk of new ones. They can treat inflammation and address the movement dysfunction that's at the core of much chronic pain. Finally, physical therapy can re-educate your central nervous system to make it less sensitive to pain signals.