Surgery to Treat Endometriosis – Hysterectomy

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After your hysterectomy will you become incontinent of urine and bowel.
it can be Surgical complications.
My TOTAL hysterectomy was the best thing that could of happened to me. Endometriosis stage V I went into surgery with the possibility that it was Ovarian Cancer. That was 10 years ago and NO side effects. I’ve been on a gel which relieves all menopause symptoms.
Can i suffer of endometriosis after a hysterectomy
yes, you can.Endometriosis is a condition in which cells similar to those in the endometrium, the layer of tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus, grow outside of it. Most often this is on the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and tissue around the uterus and ovaries; however, in rare cases it may also occur in other parts of the body. The main symptoms are pelvic pain and infertility. Nearly half of those affected have chronic pelvic pain, while in 70% pain occurs during menstruation. Pain during sexual intercourse is also common. Infertility occurs in up to half of women affected.
even you have hysterectomy, you can still have endometriosis .
Hi my name is Bridget. I have been experiencing a lot of heavy bleeding over the years of my life. Now I'm 51 and still have heavy periods and I have been feeling like my stomach stay bloated and can't eat much because of this uncomfortable feeling
Dear, if you always have major bleeding, you need to check your blood for anemia or blood disease. In addition, your stomach discomfort not only requires medication conditioning, but also diet, eat more porridge, can not eat cold, spicy, hard. To eat on time, don't be hungry, the next meal is full. wish you health.
No, go to your doctor!  I had postmenopausal spotting and went to the doctor after 2 weeks.  After an endometrial biopsy, high level cancerous cells were present.  Had a CT Scan today and luckily the cancer cells are confined in the uterus.  So, a hysterectomy is the best, complete cure.