What Are the Symptoms of Severe Spinal Stenosis?

2 Answers

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I was in a accident and i have weakness in my right side feels like pins inside when rubbing across skin what is this
It's peripheral nerve paresthesia. It could be a sign of spinal cord injury. You should see a neurologist before it gets worse.
Why is disability questioning my benefits ? Push myself to a part-time job have started spinal stenosis degenerative disc disease of the thoracic Cheryl's disease scoliosis arthritis through the spine knees already went to operations they want to replace them but they're going to question me and tell me there's nothing wrong where I gotten better really!! I want to put a bullet in my head that's how they make me feel
I have been rejected twice (as recent as last week). Get the help of an attorney. They don't cost much. I have degenerative disc disease, stenosis, fibromyalgia, migraines, and chronic fatigue. I can't sit or stand for more then ten minutes withou hurting. It is amazing how getting rejected for disability makes one feel like you have done something wrong. I hope you file again, but with a lawyer. They will have to pay you from when you first became unable to work. For me that's three years. Best wishes to you.
THIS is true! Get you a lawyer and Disability will give you your money. That's how I got mine and I have Osteopenia and SSDI STILL didn't want to pay me until my Attorney stepped in. Good Luck!
Contact Allsup.com. They are attorneys that handle disability claims. Good luck
It took my 3rd attempt and an attorney,  don't give up, it's a harder road for some of us.