How Is Endometrial Biopsy Performed?

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I have an endometrium biopsy done in a way that it is painful and hard to deal with. This gyn doctor put her whole hand inside my uterus and take out a hand full os tissue and fill a urine cup with it. I was in shock that I felt mute . It been three years and I feel sick as if it was yesterday. I make a complaint to the clinic director, and also with patient advocate in the main hospital yet I had been ignore and this doctor still practicing medicine in this clinic. Even knowingly that she did it with out me signing a concent.  Is there is someone else out there with this kind of barberic procedure?
normally,invasive procedure should be clearly told and explained before the process and the patient then sign at the Informed consent document.
i have not exprerienced this before.
to be careful when it happens next time.
I had a thick needle neck lump biopsy. I was stuck about 10 times first with a thin needle to deaden the neck. When I was struck with the thick needle to get the tissue it felt like I was struck with a hammer extremely bad. A week behind this I began to get hoarse A lot and cough extremely bad and spitting up fling and short of breath.. I can no longer sing or talk a lot without getting hoarse or coughing. Could something have been damaged from this biopsy???
Are you sure it's not a cold?
Damage from the biopsy, it's possible. An infection is possible, too.