What Is Spinal Cord Contusion?

1 Answer

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I have a lump on my lower spinal cord I've had been having pain when I bend over on my lower buttocks I thought maybe it was just sore muscles I have had pain in my shoulder and back for awhile i don't ember ever having a injury. Also been having problems swallowing feels like my throat is closing up I have hypo thyroidism so I though maybe it was the cause can you please tell me what is going on with my body
How do you know you have lump in your lower spinal cord?Did you get a CAT scan or MRI previously? Or did you touch and feel it? Spinal cord is in the inner pert of the vertebrate. When it's lump inside, it could be lumbar disc herniation. If it's under the skin and not attached to the bone, fibroids, lipoma, swollen lymph nodes are considered possbile causes and you should see a dermatologist to find out. Feeling hard to swallow,which is a sign for problem in esophagus. It's the most common symptom for esophageal cancer. You should see doctor to find out.