What Are Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure?

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My sister-in-law normally has high blood pressure and lately it has gone down what is the cause of it
does she take medication? should you reduce the dosage of drugs? from which level to which level?
go to a cardiologist to check out for heart failure
I'll be doing something normal ,like washing washing dishes,or loading the dish washer feeling ok,  then all of a sudden, I get this dizziness, lightheadedness,unsteadiness , blurring vision and a feeling like I am going to pass out.   I had a heart attack about two years ago, two stents were put in my arteries, and  ever since my blood pressure has always been very low .       Marcos Ortega
Thank you for sharing.When the stent is released, the diameter of stent and the diameter of blood vessel expand in a ratio of 1.1:1, that is, the diameter of stent is slightly larger than the diameter of blood vessel, and the stent is even partly embedded in the wall of blood vessel, so it will not move in the blood vessel.

There are three main reasons for the need to continue taking medicine after stent implantation: first, coronary heart disease is a disease involving the whole coronary artery, but the degree and nature of the disease vary from site to site. Stent implantation only solves the problem of severe stenosis or instability of plaque in one part. There may be instability of plaque in other parts and the aggravation of atherosclerosis. These problems need to be prevented or treated by drugs. Secondly, because the implanted scaffolds are not our own tissues, there is a risk of blood clot formation in the stent. Only when the endothelium grows into the stent and completely covers the stent, the risk of blood clot formation in the stent will be reduced. This process will take more than one year. Therefore, it will take at least one year for the two antiplatelet drugs to be used together in order to reduce blood in the stent. The risk of block formation. Thirdly, there is still a risk of restenosis in the site of stent implantation, even in the drug-coated stent. According to statistics, the chance of restenosis in stent 2 years after stent implantation is about 10%. Drug therapy is beneficial to reduce in-stent restenosis.

Also if you're not on metoprolol, you need to revisit your doctor and have some tests. See if the heart is functioning all right.
Mrs. Ortega, putting stents doesn't cause low blood pressure, but if you're taking metoprolol, this does cause low blood pressure. Are you currently on it? If so, you'd discuss with your doctor and reduce the dose.
I don't Know Why I have low blood Pressure?? I'M On Medadedren. But it's not helping. And I have chest Pain When IT drops. What food can I eat to raise IT?
Use more salt. Experts usually recommend limiting salt in your diet because sodium can raise blood pressure, sometimes dramatically. For people with low blood pressure, that can be a good thing.
But because excess sodium can lead to heart failure, especially in older adults, it's important to check with your doctor before increasing the salt in your diet.
Drink more water. Fluids increase blood volume and help prevent dehydration, both of which are important in treating hypotension.
Low blood pressure means you are malnourished, and it is always important to eat  full meal every day.
I am 79 years old and had as stent placed in my right coronary artery about 20 years ago.  I have had problems with high blood pressure and my cardiologist has been prescribing meds for it.  I started new meds about 2 weeks ago and now my blood pressure is averaging 112 - 125 over 55-65.  I am feeling fine but I notice that I don't have the strength I previously had when my BP's were higher.  Is this normal?
It's normal. since you are 79 years old. Your blood pressure itself fluctuates greatly. To protect you from heart attack and brain bleeding, your doctor give you strong drugs. But you have get used to your high blood pressure level. so you feel fatigue. A very low blood pressure also increases the risk of brain infarction. You should lower your BP around 130/80 slowly ,maybe in a month or longer. If you can't stand for present condiiton, you should reduce the dosage of you drugs, which should be guided by your doctor.
Hello, the blood pressure values look fine and it doesn't look like the cause of headache.
I just took my blood pressure 3 times the 1st reading was 110/75 the 2nd reading was 105/71 and the 3rd reading when my husband took it was 103/60
Hello, all the three blood pressure values are not low blood pressure, they're normal and good.
Mine eas 86/48 lastnight when this happens experience chest pressure doesn't happen often just want to walk so far this starts happening like on a treadmill.. my doctor did an EKG it was absolutely normal that is really weird.
Hello. Are you on any medication that can possibly lower down the blood pressure? If no, you may try to take in more sodium to raise the blood pressure, and eat well. Ideally you may get another EKG since you're feeling like on a treadmill when you're just walking. The purpose is to confirm it's sinus rhythm.
My blood pressure is 86/60. Sometimes 95/60 and I get up and start to tremble and past out and always tired .
Hello Tyler, you'll need to call your doctor and get some tests. Very likely there's an underlying disease that leads to the low blood pressure.
I just checked mine and it was 89 over 44. What should I do
Hello Marco, if you don't feel any symptom, you may keep watching it. But if you do feel symptoms like dizziness, you'd see a doctor. Doctors may need to find out the cause of the low blood pressure. If all tests come out clean, he may give you medicine on blood pressure regulation.
I'm on blood pressure meds and the second number was 70 heartrate 85 I didn't get to take my medicine today and I have been real dizzy lately.
If the top number of your blood pressure is 75 then it's way too low. No wonder you feel dizzy. The BP med is for raising the BP, right? It doesn't seem working.
I have all of them at this moment and feel really really bad but Don't want to go to hospital. What home remedy can I use for this problem?
Lie down, drink water with salt.
When blood pressure is very low (60'S OVER 40'S OR 50'S) can drinks such as Gator Aid, Power Aid, etc help to increase the blood pressure.
Coffee can give you a short-time blood pressure spike, however I guess you wrote this at night, coffee might make a sleepless night.
You may consider taking Ginseng supplement every day if you regularly have low blood pressure without any other underlying condition.