What Can Be Done to Raise Low Blood Pressure?

4 Answers

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My mom's blood pressure 90 74 she has to take insulin also. How can I help her?
I think insulin doesn't infect blood pressure.
it is hard to add salt and water intake when you have low blood pressure and congestive heart failure which requires me to limit salt intake and also liquids.
Hello, congestive heart failure combing low blood pressure is a bit complicated to handle. The first thing is to improve the heart function. Medication is important but not everything. You need to discuss with your doctor regularly and get advice.
Husband B/P. 85 / 75
I'll bet he's a bit weak. Do more exercises, it'll help.
My Blood Pressure is 90 over 60 .. I have dizzy spells and feel weak .. I have a pacemaker. Advise Please.., Thanks Robert
This happens to quite some people after being placed with a pacemaker. Honestly, there're few effective measures. The American Heart Association suggests to revisit your cardiologist when you feel dizzy spells. The association also suggests to keep active but not overdo it.