What Are the Causes of IBS Diarrhea?

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No matter what I eat or drink I have diarrhea.
how long this has been?
have you see doctor and get test for your stool?
have you been to other places where epidemic disease happens?
try to see a doctor, see if there's an infection in digestive system.
I don't know the answer but I have the same thing. They diagnosed me with IBS. I've been thru almost every test and medicine out there. I've tried different diets. I've learned acceptance to some degree is best for me because it really affected my life in every way and everyday life was just miserable. The only thing I've found that lasts the longest is Creon. It's a pancreatic enzyme. So when food does seem to affect it I take that before every meal and it helps. It's the closest to a miracle I can get. Especially now because I finally said screw living like this and I pretty much eat what I want now because it doesn't always make a difference. I need to live. Hope this helps. If anyone feels like contacting me I am open to that. 541-280-6978
Have you tried plant base; vegan?
I had IBS my whole life until I went vegan. I no long have any stomach issues.