What will happen if blood pressure is too low?

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Blood pressure is way too low 64 / 41 pulse 72 oxygen level seems to be fine need advice as to what to do
Heart failuer and major bleeding may cause low blood pressure.You need to go to hospital to  consult to a cardiologist.
My blood pressure is currently 80/35 after eating supper (salt).  My heart dr. office took 1 lisinopril away so that leaves me 1 5mg. pill tonight. Is it safe to exercise when bp is this low?
Are you feeling very sick now? Cause a BP as low as 80/35 would make you very sick. Exercise is not recommended, the recommendation is more water, more salt, compression socks. If you have a weak heart, which may have caused the low blood pressure, it's not a good idea to exercise now since the heart might be already overloaded.
Lick salt, lay down, lift your legs.
Is blood pressure of 118/32 okay?
Had my eco cardio gram last Friday and Monday I see the doctor.
My blood pressure has been anywhere from 65/45 to 70/65
Black spots and ringing in the ears and tired.
Kinda scared.
your blood pressure is so low, normally you can't type this question if you are in this blood pressure. only patient in  shock can have blood pressure as low as this , you should go to ER ASAP.
My bp is 78/50 pulse 32
your blood pressure and heart rate is not normal, if your number is measured by right means. Heart rate as 32 may cause symptoms, like Dizziness, fatigue, syncope, which is dangerous. You should see a doctor ASAP. if you feel uncomfortable, go to ER ASAP.
my son is 10 and his blood pressure is 79/40 and heart rate of 55. also his temp is running 94.9 what should I do?
Hi Mrs. Baker, I can't say what is the cause it takes tests but the condition sounds serious and you should take him to ER asap.
when i standing Blood Pressure drop low. some time 66\63
Hello. This is called orthostatic hypotension, I'd suggest that you get advice from your health provider. For OH, it's important to find out the underlying diseases that may cause the low blood pressure, if there's any.
My husband runs low blood pressure when at home. When he goes to doctors it jumps up real high. He takes it at home to show doctor and she doesn't even seem concerned . Last night it was 89/42. He's so tired. He's 70 years old. Should he see a doctor ?
Hello Peg, I'll recommend your husband to wear a 24-hour blood pressure monitor to track his blood pressure over 24 hours. It'll reveal the actual bp fluctation in a day. To do that, he will need to see a doctor.
I am 75 years old and have a mechanical heart valve. Normally my pressure is around 130/65. Frequently the diastolic is is 55-65. Lately my pressure has been 100-105/42-45. The diastolic is very low and I have been faint frequently. Is this very dangerous? What can I do?
Hello Mike, in this case your doctor needs to adjust your BP medication. The current BP reading is a bit low.
My blood. Pressure is 154/43 Very dizzy even whilejg I am sitting
Today my BP was 90/43. Is that to low
Hello Alice, yes 90/43 BP reading is too low. You need to discuss with your primary doctor and find out the cause.
For many years my BP has been high. On the 18th it was very low...98/54, 80/48 87/59. I don't know what is causing it or if I need to see a dr. What could be the cause of my BP being low?
Hi, have you measure the BP once again after 18th? First of all make sure the BP monitor was working properly. If you can, re-measure it with another monitor.
Under the premise that the BP readings are right, medication and disease can cause this. Are you on any medication right now?
Hello, I am a obese woman at 36 who currently takes high blood pressure medicine. I use a wrist bp monitor which I've heard reads higher than the regular cuff that goes on your arm. My bp today was 112/75. I took it again different wrist and it was 113/70. This is before taking my medicine. Should I be concerned?
It's true that wrist BP monitor takes higher reading than regular ones on upper arm, it's because the wrist arteries are narrower and not as deep under your skin as those of the upper arm. 112/75 is a good BP reading, if you take medicine regularly without any skip, it's still a result after taking BP meds. If you haven't taken the meds for a long time and the BP reading is 112/75, then you'll need to find another monitor to double check.